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Author: A.L. Brooks


Which mistakes can never be fixed? Would you fight for a five-year relationship after your lover’s had a drunken one-night stand? A slow-burn lesbian workplace romance that asks what you’d do when love isn’t always easy, neat, or simple.

The past twelve months have seen Alex and her girlfriend, Terri, slowly drift apart. The awful revelation of Terri’s one drunken night of betrayal shows Alex just how far apart they are. The more they fight, the less Alex even wants to try.

On a business trip to Canada, Alex meets Justine and, over the course of one pivotal evening, a connection is formed that shatters everything Alex thought she knew about herself. Returning to London, she’s faced with choices that will irrevocably change her life.

Now her heart is torn between loyalty to the old and new beginnings in a long-distant relationship.

An uplifting, beautiful novel that has heat, honesty, messy lives, and real-life women.


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August 2017


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85,000 words




978-3-95533-867-1 (mobi), 978-3-95533-868-8 (epub), 978-3-95533-869-5 (pdf)


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8 reviews for Miles Apart by A.L. Brooks

  1. ana.leamaro


    Normally I’m a little adverse to books about cheating couples trying to recover. First because of my own views on the subject and secondly because they tend to be overly dramatic with endless pages of introspection in a loop. So when I received this ARC copy my expectations were very low. So imagine my surprise when I finished the book and really enjoy it!
    The story is slow paced but well written and is always going forward. Yes you have the instrospection pages but that’s something you can’t avoid. If your partner cheats on you and trust is lost, inevitably you’ll question yourself and your life. However it’s not overly dramatic and doesn’t keep going forever. I particularly enjoyed the moment when Alex finds herself and decides to get what she wants.
    There are a few things in Justine’s character in the end that didn’t make sense to me, but since it’s a spoiler alert I’ll keep it to myself.
    Anyway I really like this book and this author. It’s a good read and I’m going to look for her other books.

  2. Rocío Toboso


    Alex and Justine both have been cheated by their partners. The question is Can I forgive and move on?.
    This story has two very familiar situations: cheating and long distance relationship. From my experience, it didn’t end well so I kind of hoped this would be different.
    I like that Alex is able to change her life despite her age which is nowadays like a taboo and thought impossible to find love again.
    And Justine, oh Justine, all contradictions in herself.
    Both are strong characters. Alex when she finally decides what she really wants and Justine what she doesn’t want.
    Can they share those changes in their lives in the same place? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.
    I really enjoyed reading this book and surely will be reading more in the future.

  3. Sandra Meier


    This was my third novel by A. L. Brooks and I loved all of them.

    This is a beautiful story about bad break ups, recovery and especially new beginnings. It’s a realistic story about women in their midlife, where not always everything works how they wish. About women with some heavy baggage from previous relationships .

    I loved both characters of Alex and Justine and also their supportive friends. Most I liked Alex, it was exciting to see how she was becoming more self-assured and how she dared to reaching for what she wanted.

    Brooks was able to bring the feelings between the pages. I felt the immediate connections, when Alex and Justine met the first time. Despite that, for me cheating on your partner is an absolutely NO GO, I could understand that Justine was a big temptation for Alex.

    It’s an emotional roller coaster ride for the women. Can they trust each other? If yes, how can they build a relationship with thousands of miles between them? Find out and read the book.

    I give this story 4 stars.
    Thanks to Ylva for receiving an ACR for a honest review.

  4. Karen Mcintosh


    Alex welcomes a business trip to Montreal as it will get her a break from her cheating girlfriend and time to think. Meeting a woman who will rock her world was not part of the plan but it happens. Justine has been playing the field but knows she needs to change. The connection between them is hot as hell and neither of them will be able to forget it. I loved this story of long distance love that was never going to be simple. Can Alex let go of her long term relationship? Is she ready to change her life for someone she hardly knows? A.L. Brooks has managed to convey the intensity of love at first sight, the passion and sexual hunger. I couldn’t put it down!
    I was given this ARC by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review

  5. karola.meyer


    ***free ARC***
    Trying to bring back the feelings in a relationship, where one was cheating, isn’t an easy job. Alex is still suffering from this betrayal, although her partner says she still loves her. A business trip to Montreal comes in handy, to sort her feelings. But there is Justine, a very nice and beautiful woman, which turns Alex’s thoughts into a whirlwind. And then it happens what must happen. Alex is a cheater herself. After realising that they work for the same company, Alex confession, missunderstandings and miles between them, a little help from above made them work together on a project. Finding their way back to each other and thinking how a relationship should work when one lives in London and the other in Montreal, the two get to know each other better. A love story with a happy end

  6. Jane Shambler


    Infidelity good or bad? Well I guess whose view point you take. Are you the cheater or the cheated. Also, is it right to cheat on the cheater? Brooks tackles infidelity head on. What would you do if you found out your partner of five years has cheated on you? How far would you go to save your relationship? When do you admit defeat?

    I have read a few of Brooks books and I have to admit I was slightly disappointed by this one. I gave it 3.5 stars because I felt we spent a lot of time reading what the characters were thinking. We seem to be in the characters head a lot. Very little is spent acting on those thoughts.

    There is a real slow burning attraction going on. Kind of a little too slow at times. I found myself saying OMG just get on with it. If you can get passed the slowness it is not a bad romance.

    It is really well written and I admit the ending does make you smile. Yes, I would recommend this book. It is a good read if you can get passed the slow bits.

    *ARC provided by publisher via Ylva Publishing*

  7. Mishael Carr - Scott


    This is a good book, it is well written and I found no typos as I read along (a big deal to me). Yet, I struggle to write this review.
    Because of my interpretation of the book’s blurb, I thought the core subject of the story would be handled in a different way.
    The first few chapters, were real and human in a way that lesfic rarely is these days. Specially the romance genre. I enjoyed those and read them with an excitement that felt like a treat.
    As the book progressed, I struggled to hang in there and couldn’t wait to finish it.
    Others may and will enjoy this book; as I said, it is well written. Simply for me, the subject is not my cup of tea.
    That is no fault of the author.

    I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

  8. Stephanie


    Miles Apart by A.L. Brooks.

    Did you ever have your whole life planned ahead of you? In your forties, a nice home, a great person to share your life with, an amazing job…. But what happens when your other half breaks your heart with a drunken one-night stand? Can you forget what has been done and try to keep your five year long relationship alive? Or should you just let go and hope to find something better?

    Miles Apart is a great book filled with a lot of questioning, misunderstandings, hope and regrets. The tale itself is a journey that I loved; it captivated me in multiple occasions, even if the main subject of the book is infidelity and its aftermaths while the main characters are rebuilding themselves and who they are, their confidence.

    At first, we get to learn a little bit about Alex and Terri’s lives and relationship in London as it is barely holding on because of Terri’s affair. The writer did an amazing job in the scenes when Alex and Terri almost have intercourse. The line between what your body physically wants and what your heart cannot give is so perfectly written that the reader can feel the emptiness that the protagonist feels. The opposite feeling as well is perfectly relatable, when your heart and body connects with someone but your head gets the best of you and your feelings.

    There is also Justine’s story, from Montreal, who has also been cheated on and her way of coping with what Nadia has done in a really different way than how Alex does. This book puts into perspective all the reactions possible if your lover find herself in someone else’s bed for a night and how rightly wrong it feels when two broken hearts find themselves.

    I feel like there isn’t much I can say without spoiling too much since the book is unpredictable but I will say this, A.L. Brooks knows how to make the readers feel the chemistry between its main characters, it was so strong and well written that every words I read felt like a tangible pull between them.

    It was also nice to see Montreal and its streets in the book. I had rarely read any books mentioning the area and it was a nice change.

    The internal turmoil of Alex and Justine are really worth reading the book for. I also like the pace of the book, going slow at times while having many time jumps ahead to allow a lot more from the story. The line between what is and what should be expected from a relationship is being walked on, making the reader navigate through different emotions, some highly positive and others really tormenting.

    I recommend this book to readers who love deeper stories and strong emotional rollercoaster.

    Rainbow Moose’s Reviews

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