Make Her Wish Come True (audiobook) by A.L. Brooks


Author: A.L. Brooks

Narrated by Anastasia Watley


A lesbian romance where the realest thing about a fake relationship is all the possibilities.

Abby Baxter’s burning ambition to be a reporter gets a boost when her journalist friend offers her a deal: Fake-date a woman for a story she’s writing on finding love, and she’ll swing Abby a co-writing credit. It’s a dream come true after so long looking for her big break. For years, life and raising her half-sister have gotten in the way.

Erica Goode works two jobs while all her spare energies are focused on her eight-year-old daughter. She would love a social life, but who has time? A deal to be wined and dined if she fakes a relationship sounds fun. Although, it’d help if she wasn’t attracted to her date quite so much. Oh, and if the woman wasn’t averse to children. Really, there’s no way anything can come of it. Right?

Is it possible to get what you wish for, if you’re willing to give it a try?

Additional information

Publication Date

October 2024




Ylva Publishing


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