Hot London Nights by Clare Lydon

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Book seven in London Romance Series

Author: Clare Lydon


It’s never too late. Especially to fall in love…

Gina Gupta has never truly fallen for anyone. For a flat, yes. But a living, breathing woman? Nope. She came out late, and now she’s busy running her property firm. Perhaps she and love are simply incompatible.

When she meets business hotshot and TV star India Contelli, she’s sure that’s not going to change. India is rich, gorgeous and heartbroken. Gina sells her a rooftop dream, then leaves. At least, that was how the script was meant to go.

Instead, the duo end up tangled in each other’s lives, with neither wanting to escape. What’s more, when they set out on a mission to reunite two long-lost lovers, the last thing they expect is for the romantic stardust to work on them, too…

Best-selling author Clare Lydon brings you the next instalment of the London Romance series, and it doesn’t disappoint! If you’re a sucker for dreamy romance, family drama, chocolate biscuits and steamy London rooftops, pick up this sparkling romantic comedy today!

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January 2021


epub and mobi


72,000 words






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1 review for Hot London Nights by Clare Lydon

  1. matsu


    The London series, book 7, tells the story of Gina, a London property seller and India, a biscuit company bigshot and TV celebrity. They end up together for business (India needs a home, Gina finds her one) but keep bumping into each other accidentally and later, on purpose.. and then what happens? We know what happens!

    There are irritating exes and family conflict, there’s a secondary, historical love story, Pride celebrations, chocolate biscuits and other goodies, plus houses, flats, and rooftops in London.

    The main characters are believable and real, like in every Lydon novel this far – they have their ups and downs, successes and failures, and sometimes you feel like shouting at them not to be so pig-headed! I so felt for Gina – been there, done that, got the headache (ugh, mommy dearest).

    In the end, we’ve met some old friends (from previous London books), held our breath for the reunion of the secondary pair and seen the protagonists happily together, as it should be.

    Last but not least: when a book is sapphic, funny and at least 50% of it is a love letter to London, what’s not to like? Personally, I think this might be the best of the series yet.

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