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Author: Charlotte Mills


What’s a retired cop to do when her lover is being targeted? Helen Taylor pulls on her boots again in this captivating lesbian mystery.

Lexi Ryan is being targeted and can’t work out why. She’s escaped the troubled town of Warner with her beautiful partner, former Det. Chief Inspector Helen Taylor, and is looking for a quieter life. Instead she’s faced with an attempted hit-and-run and mailbox tampering.

Helen, meanwhile, is finding it hard coming to terms with civilian status. But once a cop, always a cop, and she uses her old skills to play bodyguard to Lexi and kick over the clues. As the incidents against her lover keep piling up, Helen starts to wonder if it’s one of her old enemies up to tricks, or someone from Lexi’s world.

A sequel to Payback, this exciting thriller will keep you on your toes.

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Publication Date

August 2020


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


89,000 words




978-3-96324-398-1 (mobi), 978-3-96324-399-8 (epub), 978-3-96324-400-1 (pdf)


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4 reviews for Fair Game by Charlotte Mills

  1. Aj


    Charlotte Mills is getting better and better! “Fair Game” is an excellent follow up to the fast-paced Payback, (which had an awesome plot but a few technical issues). This book, however, is as close to a top-notch thriller as I’ve read in a long time. I do not give five star ratings lightly but “Fair Game” thoroughly deserves each and every one. Both Lexi and Helen have matured as characters and are definitely more rounded, although Lexi has maintained some of her signature impulsiveness.

    While not a traditional romance, it is really enjoyable to watch the relationship between the two leads develop and grow as the story progresses. They are an excellent couple and the chemistry between them serves as a counterbalance to the crime/thriller storyline. On that subject, the thriller plot is very well written and manages to be incredibly tense and dramatic, without resorting to over the top unrealistic scenarios. I also love that it’s set in Bristol (with brief trips to Bath, London and Scarborough), again it makes the whole novel feel more realistic and grounded, and therefore the crime feels all the more brutal and cruel.

    To put it simply, this is a riveting, clever and sexy crime thriller that I would highly recommend to anyone! (I would suggest you read Payback first, but it’s not mandatory)

  2. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Lexi and Helen are getting a lot of trouble while their relationship is growing stronger. Being the target, being followed and even attacked they have to get the help of Helens police friend and even use Lexis knowledge in using the internet, not always legal! It´s a very exciting story, but I recommend to read the first book „Payback“ before this one. There are a few references to this story, so you won‘t understand them if you haven‘t read book one first.

  3. stephasselin


    Fair Game, by Charlotte Mills

    With no apparent reason, Lexi Ryan’s life takes an unexpected turn right after her girlfriend, DCI Helen Taylor moves in and they spot something unusual happening on the roof of the building next door. Coincidence or not, who knows? From there, both women set on finding the what and whys and discover who is behind all the uncommon situations happening around them.

    Fair Game was my second read by Charlotte Mills, the first being the previous publication of the Serie, Payback. I am now familiar with Ms. Mills’ excellent writing and the detailed explanation following each discovery made by either Lexi or Helen. This mystery novel is so professionally written, the story and its actions flow perfectly, making it hard to stop reading. I love that with time, through both books, both characters kept their chemistry, but also grew up and matured a lot. The way they are written in Fair Game is even more entertaining than they were in Payback.

    I remember commenting on my previous review of Payback and had mentioned how much X-rated scene there were and how it was a bit too much for my liking. Well in this one, I do find the balance is better. The scenes are well placed, and I find they happen for the right reason and at the right time, making them feel a bit less like excited teenagers and more like grown women in love, in my opinion.

    The intrigue is unpredictable, each new clue or new scene making the reader have its theories, which are getting scratched for a new one every time a few chapters go by. I have been kept on my toes, as the resume of the book states, until the very end. It was a lovely good surprise.

    Even though the book is the second tome of the Serie, it can still easily be read as a stand-alone, though I would still suggest you read both, mostly because they are both great reading material, but also because it helps to get to know Helen and Lexi’s character pasts and why they are afraid it might interfere with what is happening in Fair Game.

    I’d recommend this book to every mystery/thriller reader because Charlotte Mills knows how to write suspense novels.


    RainbowMoose’s Reviews

    *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

  4. Betty Harmon


    Charlotte Mills is a brilliant writer of police procedural/mystery novels. Her first novel, Payback, blew me away with the plot twists and the overall storyline. And that ending! I’m still in awe of the ending to Payback. When I heard that the sequel, Fair Game was coming out, I jumped at the chance to read it. I’m very glad I did.

    In this second book, Ms. Mills has continued the story of Helen Taylor and Lexi Ryan. Helen is now retired from the police, and she and Lexi are working on making a new life together. Unfortunately trouble never seems to leave these two in peace, and they soon become embroiled in a murder mystery that has both women unexpectedly and accidentally drawn in. There are again all kinds of twists and turns in the story with both main characters unsure of what to do.

    I loved this tale. The main characters are well-developed, and it was really fun watching the two continue to work together as they did in the first book to solve the mystery. The story is intriguing and full of surprises. There is also the really steamy romance intertwined into the tale. What is even better, I think this might not be the last book in the series (fingers crossed).
    I can recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery/romance. I suppose you could read Fair Game without reading Payback first, but I really wouldn’t suggest it. While Ms. Mills gives you enough info from the first book to understand a little of the history of these two main characters, I really feel you would be missing out. Therefore, my recommendation is to read both books in order. They are definitely worth it.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

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