Colstead and Andie by Olivia Janae

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Author: Olivia Janae


A fast-paced lesbian celebrity romance with a closeted star, an awed fan, and…only one bed!

Andrea Canton is the sexy, sultry-voiced actress of Freddie Nguyen’s dreams—especially given her TV police show is dripping with lesbian subtext.

A series of awkward and amusing chance encounters at a fan convention lead Freddie to wonder the incredible: What if Andrea isn’t as straight as she seems? And what if she’s actually charmed by Freddie and all her clumsy, earnest, foot-in-mouth ways?

Even if that’s true, Freddie being a failed college soccer star from a conservative Vietnamese family makes being with a closeted famous actress a minefield.

They both have reasons to hide. But maybe they can embrace their true selves together?

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March 2024


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


94,000 words


978-3-96324-869-6 (e-book), 978-3-96324-870-2 (pdf)


Ylva Publishing

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1 review for Colstead and Andie by Olivia Janae

  1. Jens


    A cop-show on TV with lesbian subtext and an enigmatic actress. A failed college soccer star from a conservative Vietnamese family. A fan convention. This soon leads to a lot of confusing chance encounters and possibly more.

    When Freddie met Andrea, “…it was as if her life had suddenly turned into one of the millions of fanfics she had spent hours reading…”

    If you ever read fanfiction–here comes your Über-fanfic! Originating from a fanfiction story based on the TV-show “Once upon a time”, this novel itself is centered in the fandom of a fictitious cop-show, “Crime & punishment”. Fangirls and “ship” excitement galore. Close friendships, on-line and in real life. There is even a nod to the first generation of on-line fanfiction, the fandom of Xena, from when the internet was young (and message boards counted as social media ;).

    The story underneath is well written with believable characters who face tough challenges and who have to question their believes and decisions. I also gained some insight into communities which I did not know much about (like how it is to be a second generation American from a Vietnamese family). Oh, and there is, of course, a sweet love story.

    All of this can be read on its own, as a stand-alone novel, without knowing the origin. But if you are into fanfiction: The original story is still on-line. The nerd in me enjoyed immensely to read both versions back-to-back and to see how this developed from a sweet, funny, sometimes silly fanfic into a mature, more serious novel. Even the characters matured by a few years, after their names had to change in order to “file off the serial numbers” (google this, it is perfect, nerdy fun!).

    (based on an ARC from NetGalley)

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