Chasing Dreams by A.L. Brooks

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Author: A.L. Brooks


A warm, feel-good, enemies-to-lovers, lesbian romance about chasing your dreams—wherever they might lead.

Powerful venture capitalist Claire Pressley is done with stressful New York and has set her sights on a “treechange”— renovating a homestead in Eagle Cove, Oregon to make a gorgeous guesthouse.

Her plan isn’t quite so simple when it turns out Eagle Cove’s beloved town librarian Ruby Jordan had been saving to buy the homestead herself. Worse, Ruby had some grand, beautiful dream to turn it into an animal shelter.

Claire couldn’t look more like a villain in her new town if she tried. Now she has to find a way to make peace with the locals, as Ruby furiously works out a Plan B for her animal shelter.

But even as the hot-headed women keep clashing, it’s hard not to notice their sizzling chemistry, and how attractive they find each other.

It seems unlikely they’ll even manage to be friends at this rate. And being more than friends…that would be just ridiculous! Right?

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March 2022


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94,000 words




978-3-96324-627-2 (mobi), 978-3-96324-628-9 (epub), 978-3-96324-629-6 (pdf)


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7 reviews for Chasing Dreams by A.L. Brooks

  1. Karola


    ***free ARC
    How much can you trust a stranger, when you‘re heart has been broken so badly, but this chemistry won‘t go away? Even worse when the feelings for this woman are getting stronger? But then this woman stole your dream without blinking an eye. So no, just no, but.. A.L. Brooks has done a great job putting these mixed feelings into words and made me want to be there to witness Ruby and Claire fall in love. If you like a book with a truly heartwarming story and some hot scenes, this is it.

  2. patricia iserman


    Claire hates her corporate job.She longs for a place outside of the city where she can be her true self and get out from under her parents expectations.
    Ruby is a small town girl who loves her hometown,her library job and her work with rescue animals.
    They meet under very unfortunate circumstances.
    I like the premise of the book but the first half is slow and has very little conversation between the 2 main characters.
    There is little interaction between them until the second half of the book.I get bored with the constant “head”conversations.Does she like me? Do I like her a lot or just as friends?
    Not one of my favorites from A.L.Brooks

  3. Betty Harmon


    Chasing Dreams is exactly the book you want to read if you are feeling down or having a bad day. It put me in a better mood just reading the story.

    This is a feel good romance with a melting ice queen (Claire Pressley) who leaves her high powered and even higher stress job in New York, and moves to small town Eagle Cove, Oregon. She buys an old homestead just outside of town hoping to renovate the house and turn it into a guesthouse. She didn’t know she was buying the land the town’s sweetheart, librarian Ruby Jordan was saving to buy and turn into a shelter for homeless animals. Not the best way to gain the town’s trust and good will.

    The setting of the novel is beautiful. The author did an amazing job of describing the small town nestled on the edge of the mountains in Oregon. The characters are equally well-developed from the mains, Ruby and Claire, to the secondary characters…even Ninja the library cat and Hettie the donkey. They are all loveable in their own ways. The story is an enemies-to-lovers romance, obviously, and it was lovely watching these two slowly grow together in spite of everything against them.
    I really adored this tale. I recommend it to all romance lovers.
    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  4. Ana Leamaro


    I love the setting of the book, small town but not backwards. The characters are well built as usual by this author. It’s a soft and relaxing novel, with enough drama to make it interesting but keep it light and fun. I’m a big fan of this author and I’ll be looking forward for the next one.

  5. photoswazi


    I love an ice Queen and one of my favourite relationships is the enemies to lovers trope. AL Brooks has both these elements within the Chasing Dreams storyline! Well developed and interesting main characters made the book enjoyable to read and look forward to the next book. I received an arc for an honest review.

  6. Miira


    Now here’s a lovely feelgood, low-angst story — perfect reading now that everything seems to go to hell in a handbasket.

    There’s a newbie in town, Claire — classy, slightly aloof, obviously rich. And there’s a local woman, Ruby, who’s building her dreams and loving her little town. They clash… and, well, we all know what happens then. The fun is in the how.

    Chasing Dreams packs a load of feels and drama without too much angst, funny side characters, great dialogue and that all-important sizzle. Highly enjoyable!

  7. lynnebuckley

    (verified owner):

    I really enjoyed reading the story. AL Brooks has a writing style that flows seamlessly through every story I have read of hers and this is no different. Claire and Ruby are great characters and the chemistry between them is instant and undeniable. I like how every character is fully developed, right down to Ninja and Hettie. I could picture Eagle Cove in my mind as I read. It is low angst and a very enjoyable read. One of the best compliments I can give it is that I slipped into the story and never noticed the time passing while I read it, something that I have found difficult to do recently.

    Great read!

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