A Heart to Trust by A.L. Brooks

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Author: A.L. Brooks


What happens when you find out your stuck-up, blissfully straight colleague may be none of those things? A delicious enemies-to-lovers, lesbian workplace romance.


Change is not Jenny Quinn’s strong suit, but she’s happy enough with her easy-going life, friends, and job as a TV production assistant. That is until a company shake-up foists the infuriating Olivia Sinclair on her. The woman is uptight, snobby, and has some perfect and famous motor-racing husband.

TV and theater producer Olivia moved to New York from the UK to marry her longtime friend. It’s a sham marriage, a favor to a man she loves as a brother, but the strain is beginning to take its toll. How can she even meet women when she’s the picture of heterosexual bliss?

Add in her stressful new job, an irritating colleague called Jenny, who thinks being goofy is some kind of admirable work ethic, and life can be a grind some days.

The worst part isn’t the office politics or clashing personalities, but the fact there’s an attraction between both women that’s gradually becoming impossible to ignore.

So…should they stop ignoring it?

That would mean learning to trust your heart that this is the right woman. And that’s a huge step.

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October 2020


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90,000 words




978-3-96324-454-4 (mobi), 978-3-96324-455-1 (epub), 978-3-96324-456-8 (pdf)


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9 reviews for A Heart to Trust by A.L. Brooks

  1. KJ


    Why fight a river that’s determined to take you to a happily-ever-after? Sometimes you just simply have to let yourself be picked up and carried off no matter what obstacles you put in the way.
    It’s always so lovely to read a novel that has a great main story, and a sensible, logical sub-story that runs parallel until it doesn’t and they crash wonderfully into each other, and then a bonus plot rippling underneath that knows how to stay in its lane and not dominate the others. This book has all that. As a contemporary romance, A Heart To Trust works really well. Olivia Sinclair is the reserved, almost ice-queen character who falls for Jenny Quinn, a definitely not ice-queen character, and so initially they are not enamoured with each other at all. The enemies-to-lovers main story is well-paced, with the fake marriage (the reason for Olivia’s outward icy persona) driving it along. I loved (in a well-written, gosh-you’re-an-awful-person kind of love) the insecure, narcissistic secondary character who tries to undermine both women’s work situations. It’s the plot that ripples underneath. Brooks writes this stuff (technical literary term there) really, really well. Lots of layers.
    It’s tricky in a contemporary romance to analyse romantic chemistry, because we know what’s going to happen in the end. I think in that sense we are hyperaware of any chemistry presented. Perhaps in a novel where you don’t know the end result for the two characters, chemistry of any sort comes as a complete surprise and so we elevate its importance. In A Heart To Trust, the chemistry is definitely present. In all its forms. The disdain that Olivia and Jenny have for each other in the beginning is a chemistry in itself. It’s palpable. Then it’s the jump to romantic chemistry and that’s yummy.
    Jenny and Olivia’s assumptions about each other are wonderfully flawed and real. When they give into that sense of trust, watching them overcome their preconceived ideas is really validating. And sweet. And romantic. The ‘awww’ factor is high.

  2. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Once again a beautiful book by A.L. Brooks. Not only are Morgan and Adrienne from „The long shot“ having a reappearance in this book, but Jenny, Adriennes assistant is having a great chance in life and love. The story is well written, you could easily find some of the habits of your work colleagues in Jenny‘s coworkers. I can only recommend this book!

  3. stephasselin


    A Heart to Trust by A.L. Brooks

    Jenny Quinn has been Adrienne Wyatt’s PA at TC Production for a few years already and is feeling happy and safe in her workplace. Her safe heaven falls apart when then company she works for gets sold to C&V and she has to compete against three other employees to be allowed to keep the job she is familiar with in a project they all have to work together on, allowing the boss to see each one of their forces.

    The new office brings her to meet the cold and distant Olivia Sinclair. Olivia is happily married to Broderick (…or so we thought…) This part of the plot was not my favourite, even though Broderick’s character is perfectly written and plays the role of Olivia’s only confident, Ace and Aromantic, which I find to be rare in literature.

    A Heart to Trust is a lovely story mostly in the ‘’enemy to lover’’ trope but could also be qualified under ‘’Ice Queen’’ or ‘’Workplace Romance’’. In the end, there is a little bit of interest picking trope for any reader out there. I put Ice Queen in because that’s how I would describe the Olivia we first get to know with her snarky comments and snobby attitude, as opposed to Jenny’s perky and happy nature.

    As the book moves forward with the story, Jenny’s insecurities become clearer just as Olivia’s intentions also become evident. I wanted to shake Jenny into realizing how Chrissy was far from a friend to her so bad, bud couldn’t.

    As usual, Brooks writing is on point, her characters are so professionally written that you can easily picture them in your mind. Though I will have to be honest, I only realize now that it is Adrienne and Jenny from ‘’A long Shot’’, which I have read a while back and unfortunately don’t remember too much of. I guess I will have to re-read both so the few forgotten parts come back, but honestly, even if you read ‘’A Heart to Trust’’ without having read ‘’A long-shot’’ the story can be read as a complete stand-alone and still make sense, but parts of Jenny and Adrienne’s back story come from ‘’A Long Shot’’.

    I loved reading every single page of this. A.L. Brooks gave us a new hit with Jenny and Olivia. I also must admit I really liked the ending and how ‘’fast-paced’’ it becomes at a certain point. I will not say more, but you should grab your copy, it is a page-turner, you will not be disappointed.

    RainbowMoose’s Reviews
    *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

  4. lyle

    (verified owner):

    No surprise that A.L. Brooks once again wrote an amazing and wonderful book. She has an awesome ability to create such vivid and real characters. She also did a great job in intro weaving the multiple threads in the book’s storyline.

  5. Dee


    4.5 stars

    Another fabulous book by A.L Brooks.

    As someone who works with people but isn’t a fan of them, I immediately connected with Jenny. She’s an awesome character. I love, love, loved her!

    Like Jenny, it took me a while to warm to Olivia, if that was the author’s intention, she nailed it.

    The crux of the story is office politics. Anyone who works in, or has worked in, an office will find themselves about to relate. Anyone who hasn’t worked in an office will still be able to relate.

    There’s a romance here, but, in my humble opinion, it is secondary to the main story…so read it as such and you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Miira Ikiviita


    Jenny Quinn, familiar from The Long Shot, keeps working as a TV production assistant until her company is bought out by a bigger one. Now she has to compete for her own job in a team of four, under a new boss. One is her old coworker, one is extremely chipper and outgoing, and one is aloof and cold to the point of being a block of ice.

    So we have a workplace, enemies-to-lovers romance, with plenty of office intrigue, gossip at the water cooler as well as hard work, some of which is very relatable.

    The characters are yet again brilliant; this is an A.L. Brooks novel so that’s not exactly news. I wanted to yell at Jenny and Chrissy several times, rolled my eyes at Olivia, and near the end punched the air (it’s cool, I wasn’t anywhere public).
    There’s a subplot involving Olivia and her family (well, mostly in-laws) situation, and it’s as gripping as it is occasionally frustrating, because you just want her to be all right!

    The romance builds slowly from grudging respect to something like friendship to love, and mixed in with the trust issues of both protagonists, the workplace politics and the twists and turns of that plot, it’s a thoroughly gripping journey you won’t want to miss!

  7. Betty Harmon


    A Heart to Trust by A.L. Brooks is a fairly low angst, slow-burn romance that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Ms. Brooks is one of those authors whose books I will automatically request even without looking at the blurb. She is such a consistently skilled author that I just grab her books when I see them. I was certainly not disappointed with this novel.

    This is a workplace romance since the characters meet and have to work together when the companies they’re employed with are combined through a takeover. Most of the conflict in the story happens because the two main characters, Jenny Quinn and Olivia Sinclair, along with a couple of fellow employees must compete for three permanent job openings. The fourth employee will be let go. Most of the angst in the tale happens through the budding romance between the two main characters and involves trust issues both characters have.
    The story is excellent. The characters are well written, and I connected with both main characters quickly. Jenny is a former secondary character in another novel by Ms. Brooks called The Long Shot, and it was great seeing her and a few other characters from that novel. It’s always nice to see how some of our other favorite characters from other novels are doing.

    A Heart to Trust is a beautifully sweet and easy to read love story that I think those of you who love to read romance will enjoy. I certainly had fun reading it.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  8. Ana Leamaro


    ***free ARC
    A.L. Brooks has rapidly become one of my favorite authors. Once again the new book didn’t disapoint. Another lovely story, well written as usual. We can revisit Adrienne and Morgan, which is a plus. I recommend this book!

  9. photoswazi


    Sort of an ice queen, enemies to lovers trope which I enjoy. The storyline and characters are strong and well developed and I like the workplace angst between Jenny and Olivia. Another great book by A.L.Brooks. Free arc copy for an honest review.

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