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Book Two in The Villains series

Author: Lee Winter


What happens when the sweetest employee learns her boss’s evil secrets? This opposites-attract ice queen romance asks: Can a villain truly be redeemed?

CEO Michelle Hastings has foolishly promoted a kind, clueless activist to her full-time staff. Now, on top of fighting her inconvenient feelings, Michelle must hide the evil they do.

Eden Lawless relishes her new job, the hot boss who gives her butterflies, and her eccentric workmates who tell weird jokes about their day. Blackmail? Hacking? Doxing? Hilarious! But what if it’s not a joke? Would that mean Eden has to fight the boss she’s falling for?

Chaos Agent, the last book in The Villains series, is a lesbian romance filled with intrigue, humor, hurt, and heart. It’s set in The Red Files universe but can be read as a standalone series.

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February 2023


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105,000 words




978-3-96324-750-7 (ebook), 978-3-96324-751-4 (pdf)


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9 reviews for Chaos Agent by Lee Winter

  1. Henriette


    Brilliant intrigue and emotional wringer
    I am writing this in the morning after a short night finishing this stunner of a book: I feel bereft – odd, huh? The Villain-duology (The Fixer, Chaos Agent) is THAT good.
    I have already reviewed The Fixer and of course I asked myself: what will Lee Winter come up with in the second and concluding part of the duology. Well, let me say and I rarely do, Chaos Agent is pure unadulterated genius, pure reading gold. It put me through an emotional wringer – I am still reeling!! I was laughing, raging, struck by heart-warming sequences, ready to murder the evil scum, wanting to whisper solacing words, proud of the characters … I had whiplash from all the twists and turns in the story, loved the philosophical nuggets. The pages turned itself well into the night (my partner was grumbling, but how could I stop?).
    The Fixer focuses on how campaigner and bleeding-heart activist Eden „fixes“ her evil archnemesis. The polical cesspit of Washington and the machinations of The Fixers and those in power were painted in bold strokes for us readers. Eden started to carry a maybe not so secret torch for her icy boss. Chaos Agent focuses more on the both main characters, their relation and final redemption. Hence the emotional rollercoaster. The evil doings of The Fixers and the intrigue though are still very present and important parts of the story. Both books of the Villain series complement each other. Each is unique in its own right, stunning even and a brilliant testament to Lee Winter‘s superb skills as a writer. Never a dull minute.

    Again the warning: Do.Not.Start this book if you can‘t finish this book asap.

    PS: This is part two of a duology. If you absolutely must and deprive yourself from spectacular writing and an equally spectacular story arc you can read Chaos Agent as a standalone. For even greater enjoyment you might consider starting with Lee Winter‘s The Red Files followed by Under Your Skin and then start the Villain-duology. No evil marketing plot of mine, just the most enjoyable reading route for discerning gourmet readers.

    Thanks to Ylva for the ARC. The review is left voluntarily.

  2. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Oh.My.God. Yes, Lee Winter is a genius writer. All the twists and turns, help from unexpected sides, the melting of the Icequeen ( although only for a few insiders to see) and Eden‘s endless love and fight for what‘s right makes this book a wonderful end in this villain series. To really understand the heartache with Catherine Ayers you want to read the first two books, too. You won‘t regret it. And in the end Michelle becomes a likeable person. I never thought I would ever think that.

  3. Sagacious Sapphic


    Magnets are fragile and the force of them coming together can actually shatter them. Who will shatter when these two opposites attract? Watch Michelle, Eden, and their worlds collide from tropical atriums to a coffee club with spies.

    Michelle Hastings is plagued by headaches while perched on the throne of the most powerful secret organization, The Fixers. Her shield of cruelty, born of her most shameful moment, keeps her isolated at the top. Is this what happens when you sell your soul doing evil because you’re good at it?

    Eden Lawless is amazing at fixing things, organizing people, and defying convention. Deeply shaken by a childhood of exacting standards and abandonment, Eden clings to the unyielding values handed down by her mother. Will she learn to love an imperfect person unconditionally, or will she hold everyone to the same impossible standards she holds herself?

    Top secret organizations are never quite what they seem. That invisible board member—not so invisible after all. Whoever has the proof—has control. Oh, and please note, you always want the spies on your side. When all hell breaks loose, where will they turn?

    With two strong, perfectly interwoven story lines, Chaos Agent captured my attention from go. Watching everyone in Michelle’s world fall for Eden, while Michelle desperately tries to maintain control, is profoundly entertaining. I could not put this book down!

    I would not read Chaos Agent as a stand-alone. You probably could, but I wouldn’t want to. I DO think you could easily read The Fixer + Chaos Agent without having read The Red Files and Under Your Skin. While having read those books does add depth to the story, The Fixer + Chaos Agent stand firmly on their own!

    The two book structure definitely changed the trajectory of the story arc, but I still felt every single word was worth reading! This books follows more closely a tradition romance structure. I loved that we got a bit more of Eden and Michelle together and on the same side with nothing between them in the end.

    I was provided a free ARC copy by Ylva in exchange for an honest review.

  4. Betty Harmon


    Chaos Agent by Lee Winter is the sequel to The Fixer and the second book in “The Villains Series”. I absolutely loved The Fixer and gave it my highest recommendation. Now that I’ve read Chaos Agent, I’m even more impressed.

    The sequel begins where the first novel leaves off. CEO of The Fixers, Michelle Hastings, has hired Eden Lawless as a new employee to the company. The problem is, Eden doesn’t know what The Fixers really does. She has no idea that most of the work they do for their rich and powerful clients would be considered evil. In fact, this is the type of business Eden has spent most of her life protesting. Now Michelle must somehow keep Eden from finding out the truth about the business she works for. Michelle also has to hide that very inconvenient and annoying attraction she has for Eden. That shouldn’t be hard for a heartless ice queen like Michelle Hastings, right?

    This is an awesome sequel to a wonderful novel. It has intrigue, mystery, angst, and romance. As in the first book, the setting and the secondary characters really help make the story great. I became almost as connected to some of these characters as I did with Eden and Michelle. The author did an excellent job creating and making all of these folks feel real to the reader. In fact, I kind of wish I could meet Phelim O’Brian (a Fixer enforcer) and his family. I also want to sit down with Michelle’s Safta Hannah to talk food and recipes. That’s how real they became to me.

    Chaos Agent is an exceptionally well-written and exciting tale. It is not a standalone novel, but should be read after The Fixer. The two books together tell a fantastic story you do not want to miss.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  5. Carolyn Jaye

    (verified owner):

    Wow. Just wow.

    Lee Winter has done the seemingly impossible and redeemed someone she originally wrote as being despicable, into a human with regrets, feelings, and the ability to accept love.

    Without major spoilers, this was an emotional ride. Eden did her best to pandafy the HQ which was hilarious. But then she learns the truth and dark, yet humorous antics follow. Until something really dark happens.

    Eden’s strength, both mental and physical, take her to the one person she knows will protect her, Michelle.

    The melting continues but so does the redemption. Whereas Requiem always was likable, Michelle was not. Yet I found myself feeling her agony and self loathing through Lee’s brilliant words. Mirrors? Just wow.

    There was a moment that I ugly cried and once you read it, you will know exactly the moment I am referring to.

    We have appearances by Lauren and yes, even a heart to heart with Ayers.

    Melting? Of course. No one melts like Lee Winter.

    Redemption? Abso-freaking-lutely!

  6. Nadine Stamminger


    Her was lil ol me thinkink book 1 was amazing, this book was even better! I dont even know a word in the english language to describe how much i loved this 2nd book. I would recommend everyone to read book 1 first, because its a serie and obviously this book makes no sense without book 1. It starts of where book 1 finishes of, Michelle doesnt want Eden to leave for good, therefore she creates a job just for her at The Fixers. It comes with a lot of work for all the people around because Eden is pure and good, she has to be protected at all costs. Michelle realizes a bit late that lying wasnt the best way to keep Eden so her cute panda chaos agent becomes her nemesis – or not?

    This story is so very well written and clever, i loved that i didnt see the twist and turnes about the sheme happening at The Fixers. It was so skillfully writen and hidden that i gasped in suprise when it was revealed.

    Here i sit now finised book 2 in only 2 reading sessions and want more! I want to know how life goes on further along the line of these 2 ladies because their characters were so well written and developed that i fell madly i love with them (yep both of them^^)

    I got this book from Ylva for an honest review.

  7. Ana Leamaro


    ARC for an Honest review

    So I was very curious as how Michelle Hastings could find redemption, but you have to wait to the second book! You have to read both so I’ll make the same review because you can’t separate them.
    On book one M. still is a very cold and dark queen who is just trampled by sunny and happy Eden who doesn’t care at all by her boss formality. This is a slow burn book, that digs deep into the characters soul with as bigger focus on Eden. Her sunny disposition and hope, a clear influence from her mother, which is the fuel to her activism. A world in black or white.
    On book 2, I’ll try no to give any spoilers, we dig into Michelle. I loved how her soul and trauma was written. I could feel the hurt, the self hate and how much unworthy she felt like. Living in a permanent world of grey shades.
    The villains series is amazing and they are on the top of my favorite books. I really recommend these books. Thank you Lee Winter.

  8. Jan Sumner

    (verified owner):

    Freaking Brilliant. I didn’t want it to end.

  9. Sabrina Blaum


    I would like to preface this review by saying this was my first encounter of Michelle Hastings, and I’ve not read any other book in this series, aside from The Fixer, and The Chaos Agent. As such, I’m not sure if this impacted how I viewed the story/the character of Michelle Hastings, but I doubt it.

    I really enjoyed The Fixer, but The Chaos Agent is on another level. I need to offer some context here. I’ve read a ton of lesbian romance novel, and I’ve read even more fanfic since discovering that medium when I was nineteen. When I was in my early 20s, I’d moved into a studio apartment to be closer to my university. I made the error of placing my computer monitor (a huge, hulking monstrosity) on my nightstand. This meant that I now could lie in bed and read fanfic. As a result, I saw many sunrises while lost in the stories on my screen.

    Today, many years later, even though reading digitally has become easier than ever, I don’t do that anymore. I love my sleep. I’ve become quite religious with going to sleep on weekdays no later than 10:30 p.m., and I get exceptionally annoyed when something prevents that. Earlier in the week, I couldn’t stop this damn book until 12:50 a.m. when I forced myself to put it down. The next day, I completed it, once more, 45 minutes passed the time I prefer to go to sleep.

    This hasn’t happened to me in ages. In fact, I haven’t been this engrossed in a story in a while. The worst part about this book is that it ends. I was smiling at the end, but it was an almost teary-eyed smile because I had to say goodbye to these characters.

    Now, to the book itself. I love Lee Winter’s writing style. It is funny, engaging, kind, and wise. There is no preaching in there, and yet there are still sentences that hit you over the head with how true these statements are. Her characters are consistent, and they act like you’d expect them to do. There is no weird drama or angst for the sake of it, or to artificially prolong the story.
    I grew attached to Eden and Michelle, and while Eden had moments where I wanted to knock some sense into her with her inability to see anything but black and white, her character development made sense, and the story led to a point where Eden discovers the color gray, and that was beautiful to see.

    The characters aren’t perfect, and we’re not told a million times how hot they are. There is a clear, palatable attraction and fascination between them, but you’re not hit over the head with it. I enjoyed reading about their inner lives, too. It was just a complete picture, and they were real people. Now, I am always happy when this happens—when I connect with the main characters.
    Yet, The Chaos Agent offered more here. Usually, I’m indifferent toward side-characters, or they annoy me. I rarely ever even like them. Here, I loved them, and not just one of them. I pretty much loved them all. There was also a twist I didn’t see coming, but it made perfect sense, and there were signs for it, too. I just didn’t notice them until I looked back.

    I generally give four or five stars to books where I liked the characters, the plot, and the writing style, but there is usually still something that bothered me a little. Here, there was nothing. As books go, this, to me, is as perfect as you can get. I plan on purchasing these two books as paperback copies as well because I want them in my physical bookshelf. Moreover, I will read the Red Files next, and then check out the rest of Lee Winter’s novels.

    I hope that Ms. Winter will one day feel moved to write the next adventures of Michelle and Eden, which will also include their little gang of misfits.

    I’m truly grateful Ms. Winter penned this book, and that I stumbled across it. I’d give it ten stars if I could, but five will have to be enough. This is the best romance novel I’ve ever read.

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