Benched by Blythe Rippon

Benched by Blythe Rippon

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Book Two in The Love and Law Series

Author: Blythe Rippon

On the heels of their victory securing marriage equality for same-sex couples, Supreme Court Justice Victoria Willoughby and LGBTQ rights lawyer Genevieve Fornier were hoping for some quiet time to navigate their new relationship. Instead, a photo of them almost kissing shows up on a blog, and they’re thrust into the media spotlight again. When Genevieve’s case about same-sex parental rights gets appealed to the Supreme Court, their potential conflicts of interest have legal and personal ramifications, and one of them is going to be benched for the hearing.

Publication Date

April 2017


epub, mobi, and pdf


87,000 words




978-3-95533-834-3 (mobi), 978-3-95533-835-0 (epub), 978-3-95533-836-7 (pdf)


Ylva Publishing

7 reviews for Benched by Blythe Rippon

  1. Jenny Santoro
    5 out of 5


    This is a wonderful stand-alone novel but if you haven’t read, “Barring Complications,” then give yourself a treat and read it! Blythe Rippon continues to hit it out of the park. This story has so many fleshed-out characters, that you find yourself engaged with more than just the two main protagonists. The subject matter hits close to home as my wife and I adopted our three children, but it’s clear that Ms. Rippon did her homework with court proceedings and supreme court traditions. Same-sex parenting is not the only issue addressed in this book, and she handles these topics without a “Preacher Voice,” but at the same time, you learn (and CARE) about the characters dealing with these issues– I was engaged from page one and couldn’t put this down! At one point, I had goosebumps…a few chapters away, I found myself laughing out loud. BUY IT! You will be so glad you did!

  2. Pat
    4 out of 5


    I think reading the first book in this two part series would give a more through understanding of who these characters really are about.
    The discussions between the supreme court justices frequently left me in the dust.I found them a little boring but that’s just me.
    I was very glad I read the book.I was curious how Tory and Genevieve would fare since one was a lawyer and the other a judge.
    The two cases Genevieve worked on were very interesting but I want to know what happens with
    Penelope. Does she get her own story?

  3. Ana Leamaro
    5 out of 5


    *free ARC for a honest review*

    Excellent sequel. Normally in a series the next sequel is about a different couple and in passing you have news from the original couple. Not on this one. You can see what happens after the first happy ever after. And what happens is a very realistic story of what a couple faces when their professional life clash. Will they make it or not?

    The story is very well written and I could hardly put the book down until I finish it. Great read.

  4. Jane Shambler
    5 out of 5


    I reread Barring Complications so that I could re – aquaint myself with the characters and I am pleased to say they all returned for this sequel. The issue I had with the first book was that the two main characters picked up after twenty years with no apparent problems. I felt that their reuniting was kinda simple. However, the author has well and truely taken that disappointment, screwed it up into a ball and threw it out of the window.

    Blythe Rippon has just picked up where she left off with about a year passing. It is really well written and for a sequel it adheres to the high quality of the first. You could read this as a stand alone but I would not recommend it. The author does keep you up to date but I feel this would be better if you read the first one. It really does just continue.

    i really can not praise it enough. The issues that the book deals with are extremely important regarding equal rights and I feel Rippon covers them with confidence, sensitivity and compassion.

    I loved the book but you need to make your own mind up. Hell, i’d pay to see Toti in leathers lol. Enjoy!!

  5. Dawn
    5 out of 5


    This was an excellent sequel starring the characters from “Barring Complications” Tori and Genevieve. This could be read without having read Barring Complications but having the backstory will help you understand the characters better in my opinion. I feel that the author did a nice job with dealing with some LGBTQ issues and it was relevant to things you hear about in the news regularly. She addressed them with sensitivity and I appreciated that she didn’t preach them like some tend to do but stuck more to facts and did bombard the reader with to much information. I enjoyed going through the ups and downs of these characters as they learned how to work at making a relationship work. I pretty much read this straight through since once I started I wanted to see how it ended for them and the issues they were fighting for. I would say the only criticism that I have is that sometimes these 2 characters make me feel like I am not cultured enough and ambitious enough to hang out with them.

    Overall I highly recommend the book and think that everyone will be able to relate to the characters and what they are fighting for.

    *free ARC for a honest review*

  6. Karola
    4 out of 5


    ***free ARC
    Ok, I admit I realised at the end of the book that there’s a book one telling the story of Tory and Genevieve, shame on me!! I’d love the story of these two, the problems they have to fight, work related as a lawyer and a judge and the personal side with showing their feelings, their relationship in public. For me it was a bit strange to read about all these procedures with a supreme court and the law but it was none the less intresting.

  7. Sandra
    4 out of 5


    This is the second book in «The Love and Law Series». Despite it’s not entirely necessary to read the first one before, I think it’s better you do it, for the better understanding of the two main characters.
    I wasn’t all that happy with the romance in this book, this part has slipped a little in the background.
    The relationship of the two was a very rocky path. More than once I wanted to grab an shake them. Especially Genevieve acted sometimes like a teenager and not as a grown up woman. But it was also understandable, because of what she had to give up. And it was nice to see the change in the behavior of the very private Victoria. In my opinion the happy coming together again in the end, was a little too fast, I would have liked more of the conversations between them.
    The other part about the work the two of them are doing, was very interesting. It was like a look behind the scenes of the Supreme Court and some of the LGBTQ groups and their work. The cases were realistic and very intense.
    I hope there will be a third book about the two of them, where the relationship is a little bit more in the foreground. I want to know how they continue in their relationship.
    I give this story 4 stars.
    Thanks to Ylva for receiving an ACR for a honest review. Excuse my unperfect English writing, my native language is Swiss German.

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