All at Sea by Cheyenne Blue

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Author: Cheyenne Blue


An enthralling, opposites-attract lesbian romance about what lies beneath.

Stevie Sterling is having a day from hell. Snubbed—yet again—by her unsupportive parents, she runs out on their posh party and takes refuge on a deserted yacht. Waking the next day with the world’s worst hangover, Stevie finds herself far from shore.

As if being trapped on the yacht in only her party dress isn’t bad enough, Stevie’s frantic that she’ll miss the first day of her new job as a nurse. She has so much to prove in her career—to herself and her parents.

The yacht’s cute but unimpressed captain, Kaz Malone—an eco-warrior who hits the seas with Sinbad the cat—is on a mission: There’s a nuclear-waste-dumping tanker to harass.

Kaz is as single-minded as she is stubborn and she’s not about to turn around for some stowaway with a new job. Hell, no. Saving the planet comes first.

But perhaps there’s more than one way to a destination?

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April 2020


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94,000 words




978-3-96324-352-3 (mobi), 978-3-96324-353-0 (epub), 978-3-96324-354-7 (pdf)


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7 reviews for All at Sea by Cheyenne Blue

  1. stephasselin


    All at Sea by Cheyenne Blue
    Stephanie Sterling (Stevie) is a newly registered nurse. After a messed-up party, she wakes up lost at sea, on Karin Malone (Kaz)’s yacht, Delilah. What starts like two siblings arguing, finally ends up being one of the greatest representations of amazing ‘’Team Effort’’ and how life can surprise you when you least expect it.
    The novel revolves around Stevie, who keeps trying to mend edges with her unsupportive family, the powerful Sterling of Sterling Save, and around Kaz, the solitary but driven owner of precious Delilah and Sinbad, her lovely cat. Their bickering at the beginning of the book is perfect and helps understand who they are and what they both think is more important, Stevie’s new job, or Kaz’s mission with Ocean Rights.

    I had such a great moment getting to know them and their individual universe. It was a great change in my usual reading habits since I know next to nothing about how to navigate a yacht and any of its components. I have to admit I had to search a few words online, simply to add to my personal knowledge.
    Once again Cheyenne Blue surprises me with an incredibly developed story and characters. I remember again reading Code of conduct a while ago and being impressed by the level of research she had put in her book, and I am not surprised to see the same level of intensity and expertise reflected in All at Sea. The characters are complete, their baggage and background history are clear and consistent with their actions, reactions and beliefs. This book was a delight and I suggest you all grab a copy; the story is totally worth it.

    *I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review*


  2. Karola


    ***free ARC
    Again I really liked this new book of Cheyenne Blue, like all her other ones. She has a special way of describing things, thoroughly researched that makes you switch to search for some places or things she has written about in her book. The way how Kaz reacts to Stevie, stubborn and nothing gets in her way, let you think of her as a b…, but time will change that. Stevie, now a trained nurse, is still trying to make her parents see the meaning in her job, her not accepting their money, her need to be responsible for herself. Meeting Kaz, although through very complicated circumstances, is the best thing that happens to Stevie since a long time. Getting to know each other better, leaves them with a longing for each other that they both can’t ignore. A beautiful story.

  3. Kiwigirl55104


    Adventures with Opposites
    Stevie’s not having a great night. Her snooty, pretentious parents have supposedly thrown a party to congratulate her on her nursing degree, only to find out it a bunch of people she doesn’t know or care about, her accomplishment has been totally ignored and when her mum overhears her sister being proposed to, goes and makes that announcement with pride. Stevie loves her sister Ash more than anything and is really happy for her but can’t take anymore so she runs away. Ash follows so Stevie hides on a nearby yacht. Having had way too much to drink, she decides to sleep it off and leave the next morning…. Yeah, that’s not going to happen…. Kaz is an eco-warrior and along with her cat Sinbad, set sail early in the morning to stop a nuclear waste dumping tanker in the Australian waters. When the two meet, neither of the women is happy but they will have to make the best of it.

    This was a really good story. There are so many wonderful and beautiful nature scenes, both on land and at sea!! I loved the characters and the adventure the two are embarked on. I liked watching them grow from not happy with the other to acceptance, intrigue and then desire. They both have strengths and weaknesses and they are very supportive of each other, balancing the other. It wasn’t hard to care for Kaz and Stevie and to sympathize with her about her elitist and unsupportive parents. She has so much hope and resilience… in spite of how they treat her, she really, really wants a relationship with them and to have a loving, warm and happy family but as long as she has Ash and Kaz she is happy and content… Sigh 😀

  4. Word Saviour

    (verified owner):

    I really would have loved to spend more time on the boat (literally and in the story) so maybe in the future, there will be an adventure sequel where Kaz and Stevie take on some “saving-the-environment” mission while mastering the dangerous sea sailing on “Delilah”…please…pretty please….

  5. Karen McIntosh


    Cheyenne Blue has once again captured my heart with characters I can root for, an engaging storyline, and a beautiful love story. ‘All At Sea’ is the story of Stevie Sterling, newly qualified nurse, and member of an important local family. When, yet again, her parents refuse to acknowledge her achievements, she wanders off their luxury yacht and seeks refuge in a deserted and unassuming boat further along the marina. Waking up the next morning miles from port and with an irate but gorgeous captain looming over her, it seems life is going to get very interesting. Kaz Malone, eco warrior, has a mission to complete and has no time to pander to the wishes of the rich socialite. Can she gets past first impressions and see the real Stevie – and can Stevie survive life on the high seas? Will they find that life sometimes has a way of putting the right person in your path, just when you need it?

    I loved both Stevie and Kaz. Stevie was her own woman, in a family where appearances and conformity were everything. Her principles were important to her but her parents could never accept her for who she was. Maybe Kaz could be the woman who could love her for herself. Kaz was just as principled and was willing to risk everything for her cause. Could she convince Stevie to be a part of that? This story was about each woman finding out who she really was, and what it would take to find true happiness. It was about finding a passion and finding someone to share it with. It was an enthralling story. I also enjoyed the descriptions of the Australian wildlife and scenery. They made the story richer and gave an insight into Kaz’s life. An excellent story.

    I was given this Arc to review.

  6. Betty Harmon


    Cheyenne Blue is one of my favorite authors and has been ever since I read one of the books in the Girl Meets Girl Series. Something about her writing, especially her romances, appeals to me. The characters, the settings, the stories, and the sweet and sensual romances just work for me. That’s why I jumped at the chance to read her latest novel, All at Sea, and I’m glad to say I was not disappointed.

    This tale is somewhat different from her past novels, since most of the first half of the story takes place on a yacht at sea. Stevie accidentally becomes a stowaway on board The Delilah as her owner and captain Kaz sets out to join a protest of nuclear waste dumping at sea. The second half is back on land where real life intrudes on the budding friendship/romance of these two characters. It is almost like having two stories in one, and both work well together. The characters are very well developed and seem quite real, and have an obvious connection even though they are very different people from very different backgrounds. The descriptions of the settings are absolutely stunning, especially the ocean setting. The conflict is believable and the romance is, as always, sensual and lovely.
    As you can tell, I really enjoyed this novel, and recommend it to all romance lovers.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

  7. KJ


    What if you found a safe harbour when you hadn’t realised you were stuck in a storm at all?

    Stevie arrives back in her home town of Wallanbindi after completing her degree in nursing, and she’s excited and proud to start her new job at the town’s aged care facility. The problem is that Stevie is Stephanie Sterling, eldest daughter of the Sterling family, the wealthiest family in the district and this doesn’t make life easy for her.

    She feels a sense of misguided obligation to her parents, even when they are so indifferent to her studies, her achievements, so that when they do decide to throw a celebration party, it turns out to be a fancy do for a bunch of moneyed supporters for the family charity, rather than about Stevie’s accomplishments.

    It also ends up being a party for the engagement of Stevie’s sister, Ash, and that’s the last straw.

    Stevie storms off, well…sways off as she’s decidedly drunk, and ends up hiding on board a moored yacht, Delilah. The next day, she’s out to sea with a rather pissed off captain, Kaz, the owner of Delilah, who threatens to throw her overboard, (super start to any relationship) but ends up convincing Stevie to earn her passage to the nearest port by participating in a campaign to stop a ship dumping nuclear waste.

    Kaz is an environmentalist, a warrior protector of the seas and land, and is committed to her causes. So much so that she is incapable of making accommodations for any potential relationship in her life. The inconvenient appearance of Stevie Sterling knocks out a few bricks in her wall.

    I was relieved to find that Kaz had an income (app design and a former CEO of her own company). It always worries me that protestors don’t have a source of income because how could they continue their important work if they’re struggling to make ends meet. Kaz’s income and simple life (because she uses her money to fund her eco-warrior work) balances Stevie’s unwitting wealth and her unwillingness to touch her trust fund.

    Cheyenne thinks of the little things. Like the location of the pub in the township. It’s important to know where it is, because a pub in any small town is a hub for the people who live there. So, we get to find out. Details like this meant that I could visualise Wallanbindi. Yes, I had an advantage because I’ve driven through places just like that. But driven through. Never stopped, and that’s my loss, because in this book, the town breathes with life.

    One of the aspects of Cheyenne’s novels is that the land, the sea, the setting, is real. She makes the sea an actual character, because by making it take on a life, Kaz and Stevie grow and develop through their interactions with it. I think I’ve mentioned this aspect of Cheyenne’s writing before. Let me check. Yep, I have. In my review of the ‘Girl Meets Girl’ series.

    The research that went into the understanding of the ocean, of sailing, of the literal ebbs and flows and peaks and troughs and moments of such stillness that a heartbeat fills the sky, had such depth that I’m convinced she spent a year on a yacht. I’ll have to ask.

    There’s a simplicity to Cheyenne’s writing. Hey! I saw you spot that word and narrow your eyes, but simplicity does not mean simple. Oh no. Simplicity means that it flows. The sentences support the previous one, the next one, like a mate who leans a shoulder in and says, “I got you.” It’s wonderful, because it makes for a lovely read.

    The relationship makes sense. There are sub-plots and mini-plots and plots that only happen for half the novel but all of them mould Kaz and Stevie’s relationship in a way that feels right.

    I loved it.

    Also, Stevie and Kaz? Such cool names.

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