Ylva Super Sunday Special: Coming Home for $2.99

Cover to Ylva Publishing's Coming Home by Lois Cloarec Hart

Today for the Ylva Super Sunday Special, we’re offering Coming Home by Lois Cloarec Hart for just $2.99 – a 70 percent discount! To take advantage, just visit our home page anytime today and follow the book’s buy link to the Ylva online shop, the only place you’ll find this offer!

There’s nothing like the excitement of finishing a book you loved and finding out it’s part of a series. So we’ve picked Coming Home this week because it’s book one of three in Lois Cloarec Hart’s Calgary Chronicles. We think that once you read book one, you’ll be hooked.

Coming Home is a highly compelling read about Rob, an ex-military pilot with severe MS, his loyal wife and caretaker, Jan, and Terry, a writer and postal carrier, all good people caught in an impossible situation once Terry enters Rob and Jan’s lives and Jan finds herself attracted to the charming newcomer. When the growing connection between Jan and Terry begins to test Jan’s bond to her husband, love and loyalty are called into serious question and Jan must make new and unexpected choices about her life.

So try out Lois Cloarec Hart’s Coming Home and The Calgary Chronicles all day specially priced at just $2.99. And if you find you like Lois’s writing, her new novel, Stone Gardens, (unrelated to the series) is just weeks away, coming out on Dec. 2.

Buy Lois Cloarec Hart’s novel Coming Home now.

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