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A First Class Ticket to Your Next Lesbian Romance 


Author hp tune was a hard one to track down, but our lupine noses traced the travel addict author to her luxurious holiday accommodation on a Maldivian island, where she was putting the final touches to her latest lesbian romance, Rewriting the Ending, about…you guessed it, travellers falling in love.

We are pleased to announce that hp tune will publish her first novel with Ylva Publishing, Rewriting the Ending in the beginning of 2016.


About Rewriting the Ending:

Juliet is an author with a big deadline on her way to Belgium, carrying across her shoulders a ratty old backpack and a serious case of writer’s block. Mia has a one-way, first class ticket to anywhere, anywhere but her ill-fated past. Today, it’s Scotland. While money can’t buy happiness, but she has no idea what will.
A chance meeting in an airport lounge and a shared flight itinerary has Juliet and Mia traveling together for an entire twenty-four hours. By the end, both women are involuntarily drawn to each other yet part ways for two different destinations. Can they find a way to make the spark between them ignite into a flame? Is it even possible for them to be feeling something for each other when the past has convinced them to feel nothing at all?

If lesbian romance with a transcontinental twist is your thing, look for Rewriting the Ending by hp tune coming soon! Find out more about hp tune here.

It’s fantastic to have you join us. Welcome to the pack, hp!

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About the Author : Michelle Aguilar


  1. Devlyn August 10, 2015 at 00:10 - Reply

    ho, good to see you with the Ylva pack, congratulations. I look forward to reading rewriting the ending.

  2. Gabs August 10, 2015 at 17:47 - Reply

    Can not wait to read this one!

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