Now available: Broken Faith by Lois Cloarec Hart

cover_broken-faith_miniWe are very happy to announce that the revised version of Broken Faith by Lois Cloarec Hart is now available as e-book.

Broken Faith is a wonderful romantic suspense novel and just “the” read to curl up with and enjoy:

Emotional wounds aren’t always apparent, and those that haunt Marika and Rhiannon are deep and lasting.

On the surface, Marika appears to be a wealthy, successful lawyer, while Rhiannon is a reclusive, maladjusted loner. But Marika, in her own way, is as damaged as the younger Rhiannon. When circumstances throw them together one summer, they begin to reach out, each finding unexpected strengths in the other.

However, even as inner demons are gradually vanquished and old hurts begin to heal, evil in human form reappears. The cruelly enigmatic Cass has used and controlled Marika in the past, and she aims to do so again.

Can Marika find it within herself to break free?  Can she save her young friend from Cass’ malevolent web?  With the support of remarkable friends, the pair fights to break free—of their crippling pasts and the woman who will own them, or kill them.

Broken Faith is available from amazon and Smashwords as a DRM-free e-book. Bella Books and other platforms will follow soon.

The paperback will be available in December.

Enjoy the read.

Astrid Ohletz

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  1. Anne November 22, 2013 at 13:04 - Reply

    Just downloaded as description sounds intriguing – will leave an Amazon review when I’ve read it… Thanks for the nudge…

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