Above all Things by Roslyn Sinclair

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Book Two in The Carlisle series

Author: Roslyn Sinclair


The Carlisle saga continues…

Aspiring writer Jules Moretti and iconic fashion editor Vivian Carlisle have been through the wringer.

As Vivian’s personal assistant, Jules was there for her ice queen boss’s whims, commands, and the shocking discovery of her pregnancy. Just as shocking was Jules’s realization that she was falling hard for Vivian…and that the feeling was mutual.

Now Jules is forging her own path. At the same time, how can she and her workaholic lover balance romance in the midst of backstabbing bosses, meddling families, and the impending arrival of a baby? Will their explosive chemistry fizzle, or can they take their relationship to a new level of passion—and commitment?

Above All Things is the second part of the two-book Carlisle series. This age-gap lesbian romance is a steamy tale of discovery, desire, and the rewards of opening yourself up to love.

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May 2022


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97,000 words




978-3-96324-649-4 (mobi), 978-3-96324-650-0 (epub), 978-3-96324-651-7 (pdf)


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4 reviews for Above all Things by Roslyn Sinclair

  1. Katharine


    I loved the conclusion to this series even more than I loved the first book—and that’s saying something, because I really loved Truth and Measure! Jules and Vivian’s storyline is entirely believable, in the sense that Sinclair really has her finger on how these two people would think, act, and behave. They come across as real human beings: messy, funny, awkward (in Jules’s case), dealing with old wounds, and trying hard to be the best they can for one another. Also, their sex scenes are absolutely scorching. Sinclair is hands down the best in the business at writing hot, non-repetitive, and emotionally involving sex, even better than Meghan O’Brien.

    The key to an ice queen is how well and authentically the writer pulls off the melt. Vivian’s character development across two books is phenomenal in this respect, especially in terms of how earned it feels. I won’t spoil it for anyone else, but there’s a moment just after Jules and Vivian watch a Cary Grant movie that took my breath away, even though I had a feeling it was coming, just because Vivian’s vulnerability was so beautifully rendered.

    Finally, I have to mention that their coming out arc in the later part of the book was both unexpected and hilarious! I don’t think I’ve seen this particular take on coming out in lesfic before, but it was so refreshing.

    Maybe the best way to sum up my feelings about the Carlisle series is that after 220,000 words, I left these characters wanting even more of their story. Highly recommended.

  2. Loyana

    (verified owner):

    I absolutely loved both books in this series and I have grown a true appreciation for Ms. Sinclair’s writing, humor, and understanding of human nature. I laughed, sat in angst in certain scenes, blushed in others, and simply enjoyed the authenticity of Vivian and Jules’s blossoming relationship. I am actually sad that the series finished! These books, as well as The Lily and the Crown, are in my top 5, and I am so pleased I found this author!

  3. Karola


    ***free ARC
    After the first book I really was curious about this one and it‘s absolutely great. R. Sinclair has a wonderful way of writing. The story of Vivian and Julia is a growing relationship/friendship that most people don‘t understand. Because Vivian doesn‘t like to share private informations, nobody knows something about her private life, her likes and dislikes. Even Julia needs time to realize the small bits of informations Vivian shares with her. And with the baby on the way, everything is getting more intense. The story isn‘t at any time boring or complicated, it‘s all well thought through. I recommend this book (and the first one) to everyone who likes ice queens, age gap love stories. I also hope for a third book with Vivian and Julia.

  4. Betty Harmon


    Above All Things by Roslyn Sinclair is the second book in “The Carlisle Series” and continues the story begun in the first novel, Truth and Measure. Together they make a fascinating age gap/ice queen tale that kept me enthralled through both novels.

    The second book takes up right where the first one ends with the two main characters, Julia (Jules) Moretti and Vivian Carlisle trying to make their new relationship work. That is not an easy thing to do though. They have to juggle their extremely busy work schedules which allow them little together time. Workplace drama as well as disapproving family and friends only adds to the hardship. Add in all Vivian is going through with her pregnancy, and their romance could really be in jeopardy.

    Both of these novels are well-written, but I would expect nothing less from Roslyn Sinclair. This is a top-notch character driven tale.
    The romance drama takes center stage in this novel, and I like how the author wove all the pitfalls surrounding the budding relationship into the story. Jules and Vivian have a lot working against them.

    This is definitely not a standalone novel. The two books together tell one story so you really need to read them in order. Luckily, together they make an outstanding tale.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publications for an honest review.

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