Spot-on: The Beauty of Romance

International Women DayIf you’re a sucker for romance – like Henriette – you should go and visit the virtual living room over the coming weekend. Here is a message that Henriette asked us to post:

Spot-On: The Beauty of Romance, May 24-27

I freely admit: I am a sucker for romance, pure, unadulterated, sweet romance, comfort food for the soul.

So our next Spot-On, May 24-27, will focus on “The Beauty of Romance”. Meet at the virtual living room romance-authors la signora Susan X. Meagher, Julie  Cannon, Diana Simmonds, debut author Alison Grey, Karis Walsh, Kieran York,  HRH Nell Stark and RJ Nolan.

Join us at:

by BeniGee, Devlyn, Henrietta

Two of our authors will participate: Alison Grey and RJ Nolan. This is a good opportunity to get in contact with them and ask them questions you would otherwise never dare to ask 🙂

Have fun
The Ylva team

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