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Turning for Home

Like her mother before her, Jules Calhoon couldn’t wait to escape her small Ohio town. Unlike her mother, though, Jules couldn’t disappear forever. When she’s called back for her grandfather’s funeral, the visit unleashes a flood...

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Love Times Two: A Double Dose of Romance for Valentine’s Day

Two short stories, “V-Day 1978” by Cindy Rizzo and “Pistachio Heat” by Nikki Busch, provide you with a double dose of romance for Valentine’s Day and for every other day of the year.   Pistachio Heat Miri Rahimi is dreading...

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Good enough to eat by Alison Grey & Jae
Good Enough to Eat

Robin’s New Year’s resolution to change her eating habits is as unusual as she is. Unlike millions of other women, she isn’t tempted by chocolate or junk food. She’s a vampire, determined to fight her craving for a pint of O...

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The Miracle of the Lights

When her girlfriend, Tova, leaves their upstate New York Hasidic community to avoid an arranged marriage, eighteen-year-old Chava goes in search of her among the hundreds of homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City.  Once there, she faces...

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Unstilled Voices

For decades, Audrey and Marni have been a loving couple, their happiness marred only by the hostility of Audrey’s son, Richard. When Audrey is rendered silent by a stroke and unable to assert her wishes, Richard assumes power of attorney...

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1974. The Osmonds, space hoppers and climbing trees, all grounded in the ultimate belief that life was perfect. Childhood filled with tomorrows and a friendship built to endure anything. Or was it? Lou Turner loves Ashley Richards. Always...

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Upcoming Releases

Goal Setting for Writers

Writing a book is on the bucket list of millions of people worldwide, but very few actually finish their book or manage to fulfill other writing dreams such as making a living as a writer.   Many writers fail because they don’t know...

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The Caphenon

On a summer night like any other, an emergency call sounds in the quarters of Andira Tal, Lancer of Alsea. The news is shocking: not only is there other intelligent life in the universe, but it’s landing on the planet right...

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Coitus Interruptus Dentalis. A Vampire Short Story

Holy water and sunlight don’t scare Robin, but the mere thought of going to the dentist sets her fangs on edge. Good thing vampire teeth are indestructible…or so she thinks—until a night of passion with her girlfriend, Alana, has...

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Damage Control

An actress practically since birth, Grace Durand has finally made it in Hollywood. When a photo of her in a seeming compromising situation with another woman is plastered all over the tabloids, she fears for her career as a lead in...

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Getting Back

Elizabeth Morrison has ascended the ranks of her industry and now runs one of the most successful publishing companies in the US. But even after three decades, she has never been able to get past the devastating end of her relationship...

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Don’t be Shy

A collection of short stories that focus on the sensual, red-hot delights of sex between women and the celebration of the female form in all its diverse hedonism.   You’ll find intimate encounters between strangers, couples playing...

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Recent Blog Posts

Available for pre-order: “The Caphenon” by Fletcher DeLancey

We are pleased to announce that Fletcher DeLancey’s science fiction novel The Caphenon is now available for pre-order. The Caphenon is the first book in the Chronicles of Alsea and a must read for everyone looking for fiction that features smart and in...

New Lesbian Fiction by Caren J. Werlinger: “Turning for Home”

We are pleased to announce the publication of Caren J. Werlinger’s wonderful new lesbian fiction Turning for Home. I hand this blog post over to Caren, who shared with us what prompted her to write this touching story.   Do-Overs… Writing fiction is a funny thing. By definition,...

Spotlight Interview: Natasja Hellenthal

From time to time we do have a guest author interview on our blog and todays guest is Natasja Hellenthal, author of The Queen’s Curse and Call off the Search. So let’s start with some warm up questions: Coffee or tea? Herbal tea. What puts you in a bad mood? Negative and rude people...

Lesbian Fiction for Valentine’s Day

“Are you sick of mushy cards, cheap chocolate, and the pressure of finding a date?” That’s what’s written on a flyer Amanda finds tucked under her windshield wiper after escaping a date from hell. It’s an invitation to an...