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Deliberate Harm

US soldiers Portia Marks and Imma Thoms found love during the second Iraq War, after Imma, a combat surgeon, saved Portia’s life from a roadside bomb. Immediately inseparable, the two of them returned to civilian life engaged and...

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Don’t Be Shy (Volume 2): A Collection of Erotic Lesbian Stories

In volume II of Don’t Be Shy fourteen authors of lesbian fiction bring you short stories that focus on the sensual, red-hot delights of sex between women and the celebration of the female form in all its diverse hedonism.   You’ll...

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A Story of Now

Nineteen-year-old Claire Pearson knows she needs a life. And some new friends. But brittle, beautiful, and just a little bit too sassy for her own good sometimes, she no longer makes friends easily. And she has no clue where to start on...

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Next of Kin

Sex crimes Detective Aiden Carlisle is slowly getting used to being in a committed relationship with Dawn Kinsley—a relationship that isn’t always easy since Dawn is not only a psychologist but also a former victim in one of Aiden’s...

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Beth Chambers’ life is no fairytale, even if she feels like a damsel in distress.   After four years in a destructive relationship, Beth has decided enough is enough and leaves her girlfriend, taking with her only her dog Dudley,...

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The Set Piece

Smart and athletic, Amy Kimball should have it all, but her life’s in a tailspin. She’s working two menial jobs to make ends meet, barely a paycheck away from financial disaster, and women aren’t exactly lining up at her...

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Upcoming Releases

All the Little Moments

A successful anaesthetist, Anna is focused on herself, her career, and her girlfriend. Everything changes abruptly when her brother’s and sister-in-law’s deaths devastate her and her family. Left responsible for her young niece and...

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Don’t Be Shy

From kinky phone sex to unexpected, steamy encounters with the new neighbor. Fun with a love swing and unexpected relaxation techniques. This anthology has it all. Twenty-six authors of lesbian fiction bring you short stories that focus...

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Caged Bird Rising. A Grim Tale of Women, Wolves, and other Beasts

“Women don’t ask questions. Let alone clever ones.”   Robyn lives in a world where proper girls are raised by men. She, who grew up with only her grandmother, has to go out of her way to meet the requirements of being a fertile...

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Banshee’s Honor

Warleader. This is what the people of Y’Dan used to call the proud warrior Azhani Rhu’len. Banshee. Oath breaker. Murderer. These are words that slip off their tongues now. Azhani Rhu’len, once one of the greatest of...

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The Red Files

Ambitious Daily Sentinel journalist Lauren King is chafing on LA’s vapid social circuit, reporting on glamorous A-list parties while sparring with her rival—the formidable, icy Catherine Ayers. Ayers is an ex-Washington political...

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Change of Pace

Sophie Matheson, Kade’s homophobic mother, is coming to Portland for a visit. Her timing couldn’t be worse. Not only is Kade newly in love with a woman, but she also promised to help her friends Aiden and Dawn move in...

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Recent Blog Posts

GCLS Awards 2015

  Back in April, we proudly posted that seven of our books made the list of finalists for a 2015 Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) award, affectionately known as “the Goldie”. Fast forward to yesterday (or actually “tonight” in Europe), when we got the wonderful news out of...

Now available: “Deliberate Harm” by J.R. Wolfe

We are pleased to announce the publication of a page-turning new suspense thriller: Deliberate Harm by J.R. Wolfe. Portia Marks lost her fiancée, Imma, to the unthinkable—a terrorist organization that kidnapped and executed Imma as a show of power to the world. Bereft without Imma, Portia...

GCLS Conference in New Orleans

The GCLS conference for readers and writers of lesbian fiction starts tomorrow, and not only do we have seven books among the finalists, we also have some of our authors and editors attending the con in New Orleans and/or will be contributing to panels. If you are at the conference and have any...

Interview with Australian author Emily O’Beirne

Instead of asking Australian debut author Emily O’Beirne a lot of questions and having her answer them… we let LOTL Magazine do all the work. They did a great job and you can even win ebooks over there. So, if you would like to know what Emily O’Beirne enjoyed and what she...