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Mama Knows

At thirty-five, Rue is settled in her life. She lives at home so she can look after her aging mother, works as a farmhand, and scores with more ladies than the cowboys she hangs with. Why would she search for a place of her own, a...

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The Midnight Couch

At 30, Paula, a technician at a radio station, feels a bit ridiculous for having a big crush on Dr. Christine Graham, host of the late-night radio show The Midnight Couch. Every night when midnight approaches, she vows that this will be...

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Best of Bad Choices

Erica and Nicky, two homeless teenagers, are searching for a safe place to spend their last night together. Erica knows that Nicky can’t stay with her on the streets any longer. But she also knows that Nicky will be subjected to a gay...

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The Gift

On Christmas morning, Paige finds a mysterious gift for her wife under the tree. The card says it’s from Paige, but she has no recollection of buying it. Even more curious—strange noises are coming from other rooms in the house....

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Unwrap these Presents - Christmas Anthology 2014
Unwrap these Presents

Twenty-three authors of lesbian fiction contributed holiday stories that give you snow, presents, plenty of food, Holiday cheer and nicely wrapped curvy women under the tree.   All profits of this anthology will be donated to the...

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The Return by Ana Matics
The Return

Near Haven is like any other small, dying fishing village dotting the Maine coastline—a crusty remnant of an industry long gone, a place that is mired in sadness and longing for what was and can never be again. People move away, yet they...

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Upcoming Releases


1974. The Osmonds, space hoppers and climbing trees, all grounded in the ultimate belief that life was perfect. Childhood filled with tomorrows and a friendship built to endure anything. Or was it? Lou Turner loves Ashley Richards. Always...

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Unstilled Voices

For decades, Audrey and Marni have been a loving couple, their happiness marred only by the hostility of Audrey’s son, Richard. When Audrey is rendered silent by a stroke and unable to assert her wishes, Richard assumes power of attorney...

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Good enough to eat by Alison Grey & Jae
Good Enough to Eat

Robin’s New Year’s resolution to change her eating habits is as unusual as she is. Unlike millions of other women, she isn’t tempted by chocolate or junk food. She’s a vampire, determined to fight her craving for a pint of O...

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The Caphenon

On a summer night like any other, an emergency call sounds in the quarters of Andira Tal, Lancer of Alsea. The news is shocking: not only is there other intelligent life in the universe, but it’s landing on the planet right...

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Goal Setting for Writers

  Writing a book is on the bucket list of millions of people worldwide, but very few actually finish their book or manage to fulfill other writing dreams such as making a living as a writer.   Many writers fail because they...

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Turning for Home

Like her mother before her, Jules Calhoon couldn’t wait to escape her small Ohio town. Unlike her mother, though, Jules couldn’t disappear forever. When she’s called back for her grandfather’s funeral, the visit unleashes a flood...

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Recent Blog Posts

Welcome: Cheri Crystal

One of the things we at Ylva love about author Cheri Crystal’s stories is how her characters spark right off the page. No shrinking wallflowers, Crystal’s creations are smart, bold, passionate, opinionated women—a little bit thinky and probably a lot snarky. They may be looking for love or...

A Little Slower Please – I’m Not That Fluent in Christmas

Today Cindy Rizzo stopped by to give us her thoughts on this time of the year:  Right on schedule during Thanksgiving weekend, the trees start showing up on Broadway. Crowded together on the sidewalk, tied up for easy carting to apartments on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, they add much needed...

Welcome: Cindy Rizzo

It’s a pretty great day around here when a new author joins us with a resume like Cindy Rizzo’s. Rizzo, who will be publishing her new novella Getting Back with Ylva in the summer of 2015, has already started out her authorial career with a bang: her 2013 self-published novel Exception to the...

Holiday Giveaway, Part Three

Still not much snow around these parts of the world–not even a little white frost. But I’m no grinch and so I’m listening to Christmas music. And later today the wife and I will be sitting down together, enjoying a cup of coffee and some Christmas cookies from my mother in law....