The Brutal Truth (audiobook) by Lee Winter

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Author: Lee Winter

Book one in The Truth Collection

Narrated by Angela Dawe


Take one ice queen media-mogul boss, an assistant with a crush on her, throw in a truth bet, and as their secrets pour out in this slow-burn lesbian romance, neither woman will be the same again.

Australian crime reporter Maddie Grey is working the night shift, out of her depth in New York, miserable, and secretly crushing on her twice-married, media-mogul employer.

Elena Bartell is a brilliant, fierce, ice queen boss who eats failing newspapers for breakfast and believes to her core that everything would be much simpler if people told each other the whole, unvarnished truth.

As work takes them to Australia, Maddie is goaded into a brief, seemingly harmless bet with her enigmatic boss—where they can’t lie to each other. The bet backfires spectacularly as Elena realizes that the brutal truth might not be what she wanted after all.

A beautiful lesbian workplace romance about the lies we tell ourselves.


Additional information

Publication Date

May 2018


11 hrs and 42 mins




Ylva Publishing

4 reviews for The Brutal Truth (audiobook) by Lee Winter

  1. maibritt_knudsen


    My God I love this book. it’s funny, exciting and hot. it has a good build-up. And the narration of the audio book is perfect. I highly recommend this book. I am going to read/listen to it again!

  2. Sarah Miller


    Excellent book, and I agree completely about the audiobook. The narration by Angela Dawe is superb. It is not just her excellent use of Australian and French accents, but also the clearly distinguished and strong voices for her principal characters Elena, Maddie, Felicity, and Natalii. Every bit of dialogue is a treat. Outstanding writing and brilliant narration combine for a perfect audiobook experience. I highly recomment it.

  3. co2f2e77


    One of the best books I’ve read and listened to this year. Lee Winter is truly the Queen of writing Ice Queen thawing romances. Angela Dawe kept me enthralled in the audiobook version.

  4. NH


    I just love, love, love this book! Have read it three times now and still get hooked every time. It is so entertaining – the dialogues and the chemistry between Maddie and Elena are just wonderful. Wish they would make a film from it! My life feels always better when I’m reading a Lee Winter book – she’s def my favourite author of lesbian novels 🙂

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