Reintegration by Eden S. French

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Author: Eden S. French


A queer, dystopian science fiction about piecing together purpose from the fragments of love and loss, even while the world itself is tearing apart.

Streetwise cyborg Lexi Vale brokers deals for gang lords in the anarchic city of Foundation. Her mind-reading implant gives her a crucial edge—but it also makes her brain a hot commodity.

When she’s targeted by an augmented hunter, Lexi joins a group of rebels: a murderous vigilante, a daredevil smuggler, a drug-addled surgeon, and a revolutionary whose shared past with Lexi endangers them all.


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2nd edition


139,000 words




978-3-95533-927-2 (mobi), 978-3-95533-928-9 (epub), 978-3-95533-929-6 (pdf)


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2 reviews for Reintegration by Eden S. French

  1. Jane Shambler


    I finished this book about two weeks ago. I still can’t get my head in to gear to review it. I want to like it because I love sci-fi but something is stopping me. It’s on the tip of my tongue but for the life of me I can’t find it.

    Everyone is saying that this book is a queer sensation. I’ll admit I’m not sure what that means but it was good to see the fluidity of sexuality. But I also found the book to be quite bleak. It was kind of like if you agreed you thrived if you didn’t well…. The story is well written and the author does have a fluid writing style. I found it a little disjointed at times. None of the characters sprang at me from the pages. I have to say I didn’t find any that I wanted to know more about.

    Yes the book is interesting. I also think many will really enjoy it. See, that’s where I get confused. I did enjoy it…. BUT!!!! I just can’t put my finger on it. Don’t let me put you off. As I said it’s good and yes I would recommend it. Enjoy!

    *ARC provided by publisher via Ylva Publishing*

  2. Angela


    I love me a dystopian novel, but add a wide range of queer characters in and I’m even more hooked! I loved the setting – this future world is not a nice place to be, but within it there are moments of beauty and love and compassion and caring that had me welling up. Lexi Vale is tough and in a lot of places extremely unlikeable, and I loved that! It would be way too easy to write a hero who was perfect. Lexi’s partners in crime and strife all have their own amazing and/or heartbreaking stories to tell, and the secrets that are slowly revealed through the book had me turning the pages faster and faster. Good writing, good imagery, and fantastic dialogue. Great read. Oh, and I’m in love with Callie and she can ride me off to the desert on her motorbike any day she likes…

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