Pigeon Post by Jae

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Book Six in The Shape-Shifter Series

Author: Jae


Kelsey, a submissive wolf-shifter, has always done what she has been ordered to do. But when Madsen, the Wrasa’s highest alpha, sends her a letter via pigeon post, containing very unusual orders, she’s not sure she can obey.

Madsen and the newly hired Wrasa PR firm think it’s a good idea to celebrate the anniversary of their not-so-voluntary coming out to the human public with a Wrasa Pride Parade­—and they want her, a lowly nederi, to lead it.

Pigeon Post is a short story that goes with the paranormal romance novel True Nature.

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Publication Date

August 2014


epub, mobi, and pdf




13,000 words




978-3-95533-228-0 (mobi), 978-3-95533-229-7 (epub), 978-3-95533-230-3 (pdf)


Ylva Publishing

1 review for Pigeon Post by Jae

  1. Ameliah Faith


    Loving the Shifters
    I am finding that I really enjoy Jae’s writing talent. This was an interesting tale of Kelsey a wolf shifter, her human lover and pack leader and the first Shifter Pride parade. There were some funny bits, some worrysome bits and some aww bits.

    This is a good story. I am very glad I read it but I think if I had read True Nature first I would have understood it better and it would have been a bit more enjoyable. That being said I have to know what happens to bring these characters to where they are now!

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