Falling into Place by Sheryn Munir

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Author: Sheryn Munir


Romance is not for Tara. Embittered after a college fling, she vows to never fall in love again–especially since she believes there’s no future for same-sex love in her home in urban India. Then, one rain-drenched evening, an insane decision brings the bubbly Sameen into her life and everything changes. Sameen is beautiful, a breath of fresh air…and almost certainly straight. All Tara’s carefully built-up defences start to crumble, one after the other. But is this relationship doomed before it can even start?

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January 2018


epub (for Kindle Reader/Kindle Apps, for iBooks, Nook etc.), mobi, and pdf


56,000 words




978-3-95533-973-9 (mobi), 978-3-95533-974-6 (epub), 978-3-95533-975-3 (pdf)


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4 reviews for Falling into Place by Sheryn Munir

  1. pat iserman


    This book will give you a tiny look into the Indian culture.
    Marriages are arranged by the parents. All “good” girls do what their parents say,right?
    Sameen and Tara may be the exception to the rule.
    I think you will enjoy their story. The writing is thoughtful and clear.
    Makes me want to go to our favorite Indian restaurant.

  2. Rocío Toboso


    I like to read books which take place in other parts of the world besides the US or GB. I am not familiar with Indian food, customs, locations or clothing but I don’t think you need to be an expert to like and see that this is a great book and what really matters it the love story developed here. Developed in a country where not only homosexuality is illegal but women have to deal with a lot of issues just for being women.

    The leading characters are really well developed. On one side, the closeted and some kind of introvert Tara, on the other the straight and social Sameen. Their beginning was not the best, funny, but not the best. They went from total strangers to BFFs. There is not love at first sight here but a slow burn love. A love that builds without them even noticing until it is too late to back up. Oh, and no sex, implied but not scenes. This tells me that you don’t need sex scenes all the time to have a good romance. But it’s not only these likeable two women, it’s also two minor characters who are wonderful and funny as well, Tara’s mum and Sameen’s gay friend.

    A wonderful and endearing debut book and recommendable.

    I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing, in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Karola Meyer


    ***free ARC
    At first, it was a bumpy read, names you never heard of, food you didn‘t recognize, but with reading on everything got familiar. The growing friendship between Tara and Sameen is good written, the scenes with Tara‘s mother are funny, you‘ll even get hungry with all the food that‘s mentioned. It‘s a really good first book of Sheryn Munir, I hope there will be more.

  4. Jane Shambler


    This is the first book I have read by this author. I’ll admit alarm bells went of in my head when I realised it was set in India. I’m going on my experience of previous books that left me feeling angry and kinda depressed.

    This is about two women who when they meet actually dislike each other. Over time their friendship develops and so do their feelings.

    But for me there were too many roadblocks. Too much conflict. It was well written but not for me. Enjoy!

    *ARC provided by publisher via Ylva Publishing*

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