Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra (audiobook) by Georgette Kaplan



Book two in The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles

Author: Georgette Kaplan

Narrated by Abby Craden


A full-throttle, thrilling, adventure romance with kick-ass lesbians, action, and more heat than the Sahara, as uptight archaeologist Candice explores Cleopatra’s lost tomb with laid-back mercenary Easy Nevada for fire support.

For years, mercenary Easy Nevada risked her life finding ancient artefacts for a mysterious benefactor. Now she’s after one last score, the biggest of all: a relic so cursed that it was buried with Cleopatra in a secret tomb over two thousand years ago. But to uncover it, she’ll need help.

By-the-book Candice Cushing, a woman of color born in Sudan and raised in Britain, only ever wanted to conduct archaeology the traditional way. Now the find of a lifetime is beckoning from the middle of the Sahara, but she’ll have to throw her lot in with Easy Nevada to get to it. The problem is, she doesn’t know if she even likes the fast-talking rogue, let alone trusts her. What’s more dangerous: the desert or her new partner?

Searing heat and powerful chemistry collide in this slow-burn, romantic suspense along with the danger of a vengeful zealot. Working together, Easy and Candice might just be able to beat the odds. And maybe they’ll survive long enough to realize they want more from each other than just buried treasure.

Additional information

Publication Date

January 2021


7 hrs and 8 mins




Ylva Publishing


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