Twenty Lesbian ebooks with a Difference on Sale for Diversity Month

Five things to know about lesfic protagonists: They should be white (Malibu tans are acceptable however), smoking hot (six-pack abs optional), rich (preferably a self-made millionaire), twenty-ish (ahh the perfection of youth), femme (soft butch if you must blur the lines), and a cis lesbian.

If that was your primal scream we just heard, and you’re tired of the above formula—sadly all-too prevalent in lesfic—then you have come to the right place.


Ylva is declaring August Diversity Month and we’re having a sale to celebrate. You want diversity? You got it. We’ve heard the pleas for more body shapes, types, colors, social status, nationalities, and non-perfect foibles.

We’ve also heard there aren’t enough books with characters who don’t fit neatly into lesbian or bi labels. It’s why Ylva started Queer Pack—so everyone in the rainbow, from cis to trans, gets their voices heard.

This month we’re making it easy for you to find books that challenge the usual dynamics in lesbian fiction. We have discounted twenty books, which have diversity in race, age, sexual identity, orientation or desire, or body shape.

And if that’s still not enough, we’re also shouting from the rooftops that our (non-discounted) book The Power of Mercy, about a black superhero, by Fiona Zedde, has just come out.

So, to bag a bargain and enjoy a diverse read or twenty, click here: Current Deals

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About the Author : Lee Winter

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  1. samalexanderns August 1, 2017 at 20:32 - Reply

    Great sale and I appreciate the thinking.
    I take your point but there is starting to be more and more diversity. Body shape diversity seems to be the hardest step though, more than the others diversity types you mention.

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