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Here at Ylva, we’re big believers in the power of the written word. But even we have to admit that books, writers and video can be a pretty great combination.

Ylva’s YouTube channel has always been the place where we’ve posted the occasional book trailer and author interview. But beginning this month, you’ll start to see more content on our channel – more author interviews, more of our authors interacting with each other on video, and more footage from Ylva events.

Our latest addition is an interview with Caren Werlinger, author of Cast Me Gently, which just was released on October 1. Caren talks in depth about where she gets her inspiration; about Cast Me Gently’s protagonists, Teresa Benedetto and Ellie Ryan; and about the world in which her characters live—the highly ethnically divided neighborhoods of 1980s Pittsburgh. Caren speaks eloquently about how she managed to get into the mindset of characters that live not that long ago, yet do not live in a world that yet has cell phones, wireless Internet, and ubiquitous globalization.

Then in about a week, we’ll be bringing you on the Ylva YouTube channel a “virtual author panel discussion” moderated by Ylva’s own Fletcher DeLancey and featuring five Ylva authors from around the world discussing the legalization of same-sex marriage in various countries and how that new reality impacts lesbian fiction. And we’ve got more interviews, more author confabs, and just generally more cool stuff to come.

So really, there’s never been a better time to subscribe to the Ylva YouTube channel! What are you waiting for?

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