New publications by Cindy Rizzo and Caren Werlinger—available now!

Just in time for the fall harvest, October brings us a bumper crop of great new Ylva titles.

First out the door this month are Cindy’s Rizzo’s Getting Back and Caren Werlinger’s Cast Me Gently, both available now in e-book, exclusively on our website. These are two wonderful, though very different stories about mature women finding true love after years of waiting. If thoughtful storytelling and slow-burn romances are your thing, we think you’re going to love both these books. And Publishers Weekly even honored Caren Werlinger with a starred review for Cast me Gently.

Getting Back by Cindy Rizzo More about Cindy Rizzo’s Getting Back:
They say you never forget your first love. That’s certainly true for publishing mogul Elizabeth Morrison, especially since Ruth Abramson is pretty much the only woman she’s ever really loved. Now, thirty years after Ruth ended their relationship to marry the young man her famous father chose for her, Elizabeth has given up on love. While she’s occasionally seen in Hollywood escorting an actress to a premier or a fundraiser, most of her time is spent focused on keeping her company afloat as it confronts profound changes in the publishing industry.When she learns that Ruth will be the luncheon speaker at their thirtieth college reunion, Elizabeth’s well-ordered life starts to unravel. It seems out of the question that she and Ruth could ever find their way back to what they once had. Or could they?

With strong female characters and a compelling exploration of chosen family, Award-winning author Cindy Rizzo’s newest novel, Getting Back, is much more than a second-chance romance. Don’t miss this rich story!

Buy Getting Back now, exclusively on Ylva’s website.


Cast Me Gently by Caren Werlinger More about Caren Werlinger’s Cast Me Gently:

Teresa Benedetto, the main character in Caren Werlinger’s new release, Cast Me Gently, isn’t perfect—and neither is her life. With her sturdy build, big butt, and the Roman nose she inherited from her father, she doesn’t feel desirable, but she has never wasted much thought on love anyway. At thirty-four, she is still living at home with her boisterous Italian family and working in one of her father’s stores. On the surface, she couldn’t be more different from Ellie Ryan, who has been on her own for years and is saving up to travel the world.

When the unexpected happens and they fall in love, Teresa knows she has to choose between her family and her new love.

If you’re looking for a classic lesbian love story with characters you can relate to, Cast Me Gently is a great choice.

Buy Cast Me Gently now, exclusively on Ylva’s website

Read Publishers Weekly starred review about Cast me Gently, HERE.

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