Ylva Goodreads Giveaways: Enter now!

Like celestial bodies aligning, two of our hottest books right now, Popcorn Love by KL Hughes and The Red Files by Lee Winter, both happen to be holding Goodreads giveaways right now. You can enter to win a free paperback copy by clicking the “Enter Giveaway” button at each book’s Goodreads page.

Both books are getting stellar reviews and are well worth checking out, especially for free! (Did we mention free?) Enter both giveaways before Sept. 25.


Cover to Ylva Publishing's The Red Files by Lee Winter[two_third_last]A whip-smart and funny novel, The Red Files follows ambitious young journalist Lauren King, who is chafing at her entry-level job on LA’s vapid social circuit. Her co-worker and nemesis is the icy Catherine Ayers, an ex-Washington political correspondent with an acerbic, vicious tongue who’s only there because she suffered a humiliating fall from grace.

One night, when a curious story unfolds before their eyes involving a business launch, thirty four prostitutes and a pallet of missing pink champagne, the warring pair has to find a way to work together to unravel an incredible story. But can they do it without killing each other first?

Enter The Red Files Goodreads giveaway here. Ends Sept. 25.





Cover to Ylva Publishing novel Popcorn Love by KL Hughes

[two_third_last]A recent number one bestseller in Amazon’s lesbian romance category, Popcorn Love tells the sweet, slow-burn romance between high-powered fashion executive Elena Vega and the freespirited NYU student Allison Sawyer. Elena’s best friend Vivian arranges a string of blind dates for her and hires Allison as a babysitter for Elena’s young son Lucas.

As Elena bonds with Allison about each unsuccessful date when she gets home, she begins to wonder if the person possessing all the qualities she most desires might just be the woman who has been in front of her the entire time.

Enter the Popcorn Love Goodreads giveaway here.
Ends Oct. 1[/two_third_last]

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  1. Sandra September 21, 2015 at 11:53 - Reply

    I would love an opportunity to read both these popular books.

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