Upcoming new Blythe Rippon lesbian romance

A Romance That Makes Inroads to Your Heart

Cover to Stowe Away by Blythe Rippon on Ylva PublishingExciting news: Blythe Rippon, author of last year’s surprise smash hit, Barring Complications, releases a heartwarming new lesbian romance in January, 2016 – Stowe Away.

A departure from Rippon’s previous lesbian legal thriller, Stowe Away is a much more than a simple lesbian romance: It’s a story about losing everything you thought you wanted in life and discovering anew what was right there all along.


About Stowe Away

All her life, Samantha Latham has wanted two things: to become a cutting-edge medical researcher and leave her quiet hometown of Stowe, Vermont. When she leaves for Yale and becomes best friends with the vibrant, beautiful Natalie, it feels like Sam’s life is finally beginning. But while Sam excels in school, Natalie can’t decide on a major, a career, or even if she’s attracted to Samantha, much to Sam’s frustration.

But Sam’s suddenly got bigger problems than her romantic life when a family medical emergency forces her to quit school and sends Samantha back to Stowe indefinitely. With her med-school dreams crushed, her best friend and love interest gone to graduate school three thousand miles away, and herself stuck in Stowe taking care of her invalid mother, Sam thinks her life is over.

But Stowe has more to offer than Sam ever knew, including local restaurateur Maria, who shows Sam the life in Stowe she might have had if she hadn’t always been so focused on getting out. And while Maria may be interested in becoming more than a friend, Sam must first get over herself—and get over Natalie.

Stowe Away is a coming-of-age romance that will make quiet inroads into your heart and stay there long after you turn the last page. Look for it in January, 2016.

Learn more about Stowe Away here.

Learn more about Blythe Rippon here.

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