Publication Announcement: “Change of Pace” by Jae

A lesbian romance for the waning days of summer

Book cover of "Change of Pace"  by Ylva Publishing author JaeWe have all heard the trite joke: what do lesbians bring to a second date?

Answer: a U-Haul.

Well, they are well beyond the second date, but Aiden and Dawn, the two main characters of Jae’s Portland Police Bureau series, are moving in together—at the worst possible moment for their friend Kade.

Kade’s homophobic mother is coming to Portland for a visit. Her timing couldn’t be worse. Not only is Kade newly in love with a woman, but she’s also promised to help her friends move in together.

How will Kade’s mother react to having to help U-Haul a lesbian couple instead of going to art museums?

Find out in Jae’s new short story, “Change of Pace.”

“Change of Pace” is now available as an e-book. Own it now via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and Apple.


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