Lesbian Fiction for Valentine’s Day

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[three_fourth_last]”Are you sick of mushy cards, cheap chocolate, and the pressure of finding a date?”

That’s what’s written on a flyer Amanda finds tucked under her windshield wiper after escaping a date from hell. It’s an invitation to an “Anti-Valentine’s-Day Party”. And that is pretty much how Amanda’s adventure in Jae’s Departure from the Script starts.

If you are looking for some good reading material to keep you entertained over the weekend…well, let us help you out with some suggestions. We have something for those loving and dreading Valentine’s Day.[/three_fourth_last]



Love Times Two by Cindy Rizzo and Nikki Busch

This duo of short stories, “V-Day 1978” by Cindy Rizzo and “Pistachio Heat” by Nikki Busch, are very different from each other, yet both will warm you up with a bit of romance and a touch of Cupid’s arrow. 

Add in a dash of humor and you’ll have an entertaining read for Valentine’s Day and the days to come.[/three_fourth_last]



[three_fourth_last]Midnight Couch by Jae

Jae’s short story takes place on Valentine’s Day–what could be better?[/three_fourth_last]


Two Hearts-One Mind by RJ Nolan

Two Hearts–One Mind by RJ Nolan

Kim is a woman on a mission: She wants to propose to her partner, Jess, on Valentine’s Day. But things don’t turn out as planned, because Jess has a plan of her own…[/three_fourth_last]


Spread the Love - Anthology Spring 2014

[three_fourth_last]Spread the Love – Seven Romantic and Erotic Lesbian Stories

This is last year’s Valentine’s anthology. You wouldn’t want to miss out on short stories by Fletcher DeLancey, Lois Cloarec Hart, Erzabet Bishop, JL Merrow, Sandra Barret, T.M. Croke, and Alisha Kelley.[/three_fourth_last]


Departure from the Script by Jae

[three_fourth_last]Departure from the Script by Jae

A wonderful lesbian romance that starts with a Valentine’s Day gone wrong.[/three_fourth_last]


These are just the Valentine themed books we can offer you for this weekend. But we have so much more to offer.

Astrid Ohletz

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