Great New Lesbian Romance: “Bitter Fruit”


We are happy to announce that Lois Cloarec Hart’s great new lesbian romance Bitter Fruit is now available.

Here is what Bitter Fruit is about:

Fuelled by booze and boredom, Jac Lanier accepts an unusual wager from her best friend. Victoria, for reasons of her own, impulsively challenges Jac to seduce Lauren, her co-worker and a young woman Jac’s never met. Under the terms of their bet, Jac has exactly one month to get Lauren into bed or she has to pay up. Though Lauren is straight and engaged, Jac begins her campaign confident that she’ll win the bet. But Jac’s forgotten that if you sow an onion seed, you won’t harvest a peach. When her plan goes awry, will she reap the bitter fruit of her deception? Or will Lauren turn the tables on the thoughtless gamblers?

Lois Cloarec Hart has penned a must-read romance. If you’re looking for a brilliant diversion from real life, pick this one up from amazon.
You won’t be sorry.

Astrid Ohletz



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  1. Widdershins October 16, 2014 at 20:52 - Reply

    That ‘onion seed’ phrase reminded me of a proverb my Uruguayan ex told me about not expecting pears from an elm tree. What is it about lesbians and fruit, I wonder? 😀

  2. Bookgeek October 17, 2014 at 17:31 - Reply

    A great book!

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