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readingmooseCHere are some exciting news from Lois Cloarec Hart:

I’ve joined with five other Canadian lesbian fiction authors, Anne Azel, Liz Bugg, Sarah Ettritch, Benny Lawrence, and Tracey Richardson in setting up a site dedicated to lesbian fiction in the Great White North.

We open for business on Friday, January 31st, and invite you to drop by, meet the Moose, and learn a little more about those of us who shovel our laptops out of the snow every morning so we can write.

Okay, I admit that I’m a snowbird and haven’t shovelled snow since I drove home from the sunny south in mid-April last year and encountered a record-setting blizzard in North Dakota en route. It closed every route out of town, including interstates, for over 24canadianlesficreaderW hours. That was just Mother Nature’s way of reminding me not to forget my heritage and home. But I still proudly fly my Canadian colours (please note the ‘u’,) so for news, views, and who’s who, please visit us at  

Lois Cloarec Hart

It really is a great thing to see writers coming together like that. Go, visit the site and let those Canadian lesfic authors know that you appreciate what they are doing. We at Ylva sure do.

The Ylva team

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  1. C.J. January 30, 2014 at 11:53 - Reply

    Great idea. Look forward to it.

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