Now available: “Kicker’s Journey” by Lois Cloarec Hart

cover_kickers-journey_miniThe Ylva Publishing team is happy to announce that the revised version of Kicker’s Journey by Lois Cloarec Hart has just been published as an e-book.

If you’re looking for a great historical fiction to curl up with over the weekend – go no further. Here is what Kicker’s Journey is about:

In 1899 two women from very different backgrounds are about to embark on a journey together – one that will take them from the Old World to the New, from the 19th century into the 20th, and from the comfort and familiarity of England to the rigours of Western Canada, where challenges await at every turn.

The journey begins simply for Kicker Stuart when she leaves her home village to take employment as hostler and farrier at Grindleshire Academy for Young Ladies. But when Kicker falls in love with a teacher, Madelyn Bristow, it radically alters the course of her tranquil life.

Together, the lovers flee the brutality of Madelyn’s father and the prejudices of upper crust England in search of freedom to live, and love, as they choose. A journey as much of the heart and soul as of the body, it will find the lovers struggling against the expectations of gender, the oppression of class, and even, at times, each other.

What they find at the end of their journey is not a new Eden, but a land of hope and opportunity that offers them the chance to live out their most cherished dream – a life together.

Kicker’s Journey is available from amazon as a DRM-free e-book. Smashwords, Bella Books and other platforms will follow soon.

The paperback will be available in November.

Enjoy the read.

The Ylva team

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