Now available: “True Nature” by Jae

cover_true-natureWhat a week… first we published A Treat for Halloween Tricksters by RJ Nolan, then When The Clock Strikes Thirteen and now, today, we are very happy to announce the publication of True Nature by Jae.

And instead of me rambling about it, here is what Jae has to say about her new book:


My latest novel, True Nature, has finally been published!

And when I say finally, I mean FINALLY. I first started working on True Nature in December 2010 and finished the first draft in April 2011. Then I planned on putting the manuscript aside for a few weeks while I waited for my beta readers to catch up. In the meantime, I wanted to write a short story. A short story which ended up as a 100,000-word novel titled Something in the Wine.

Then I switched publishers and started to republish my “old” novels.

So in the end, two years went by before I started working on True Nature again.

And I found that taking such a long break between the first and the second draft was a really good thing. I could look at the story more objectively, see where scenes needed to be cut or tightened, point of views needed to be changed, or subplots weren’t resolved or didn’t add to the story.

The result is a fast-paced paranormal romance that, at 141,000 words, still offers enough space for character development. My beta readers told me that they fell in love with the characters, and I hope the same will happen to everyone who reads the novel.

True Nature is not really a sequel to my first paranormal romance, Second Nature. While it takes place in the same world of shape-shifters and Jorie and Griffin make an appearance, True Nature has different main characters and it can stand on its own.

Here’s a short description:

When wolf-shifter Kelsey Yates discovers that fourteen-year-old shape-shifter Danny Harding is living with a human adoptive mother, she is sent on a secret mission to protect the pup and get him away from the human.

Successful CEO Rue Harding has no idea that the private teacher she hires for her deaf son isn’t really there to teach him history and algebra—or that Danny and Kelsey are not what they seem to be.

But when Danny runs away from home and gets lost in New York City, Kelsey and Rue have to work together to find him before his first transformation sets in and reveals the shape-shifter’s secret existence to the world.

I hope you enjoy True Nature!


True Nature is available as a DRM-free e-book on Amazon and Smashwords.

The paperback will be out in November.

Astrid Ohletz

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  1. C.J. October 19, 2013 at 10:55 - Reply

    Reading “True Nature” at the moment. It’s wonderful and meets my high expectations.

    • Jae October 19, 2013 at 18:46 - Reply

      Thanks, C.J. I’m delighted to hear that!

  2. Erzabet Bishop October 19, 2013 at 18:38 - Reply

    Reblogged this on erzabetbishop.

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