Now available: “When The Clock Strikes Thirteen”

cover_wtcst_rminiI am very happy to be able to announce the publication of When The Clock Strikes Thirteen, an anthology full of paranormal lesbian stories from wonderful authors such as:

– Lois Cloarec Hart: Midnight Messages
– L.T. Smith: Batteries Not Included
– Emma Weimann: Lost and Found
– Joan Arling: Chrysalis
– Diane Marina: Sisters of the Moon
– Erzabet Bishop: Wolf Moon
– R.G. Emanuelle: Love Bites

We have it all: Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, faeries… and it was a pleasure for me to collect and edit those wonderful stories with the help of Day Petersen.

My introdcution to the anthology gives you a glimpse of what to expect:

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres—if not my most favorite one. I love the thrill of the unknown, of the things and beings that (could) exist without most of us acknowledging their existence. When I went to Ireland a few years ago, I dreamed of meeting a faerie—and maybe I did without even knowing. In England, I feared and hoped to stumble across a White Lady, and in Edinburgh, I would have given everything to hear the drummer ghost of Edinburgh Castle.

Unfortunately, I didn’t. But I haven’t given up hope for the future.

Until then, I continue to dream and publish stories that portray a reality different from the one we experience every day.

For this anthology, I had a range of wonderful authors contributing their stories as well as a talented graphic artist and a meticulous editor.

You’ll find a variety of the otherworldly and supernatural that will keep you glued to your seat.

Enjoy the read and never stop dreaming…

You can buy When The Clock Strikes Thirteen at Smashwords and amazon.
It will also be available from Bella Books within the next few days.

Astrid Ohletz

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