Now Available: Natural Family Disasters by Jae

Natural Family Disasters 800 Cover reveal and PromotionalWe are happy to announce that Natural Family Disasters by Jae is now available at amazon.

Five short stories give us glimpses into the lives of Griffin, Jorie, and the other characters from Second Nature.

Bonding Time: Griffin has been looking forward to a little feline bonding time with a special lady. Leave it to her sister Leigh to interrupt.

Coming to Dinner: Jorie and Griffin are having second thoughts about their decision to invite Griffin’s shape-shifter relatives and Jorie’s mother for dinner on Christmas Day. What could be more nerve-racking than eight cat-shifters who don’t believe in Christmas celebrating with a human woman, allergic to cats, who doesn’t believe in the existence of shape-shifters? Will it end with peace on earth, or will fur fly?

Babysitter Material: It’s Rufus and Kylin’s anniversary—and no babysitter for the triplets in sight. Kylin has a desperate idea, but is her gruff father Brian, ruler of the pride, really babysitter material?

When the Cat’s Away: When a mouse takes up residence in Griffin and Jorie’s house, Griffin calls her fathers over. With three cat-shifters on the hunt, the house will be a rodent-free zone in no time. Or so she thinks.

Plus One: Griffin accepts Jorie’s invitation to be her “plus one” at Jorie’s high school reunion, eager to find out more about her lover’s past. But the food at the buffet has an unexpected effect on Griffin.

We’ll be doing a book give away next Sunday. Three e-book copies of Natural Family Disasters are looking for a new home – as well as one mug.

Enjoy the read and come back next Sunday to win an e-book or a mug.

The Ylva team

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  1. avid reader August 1, 2013 at 04:36 - Reply

    I have a Nook, is this available at Barnes and Noble?

    • Ylva Publishing August 1, 2013 at 09:09 - Reply

      It will soon be available at Barnes & Noble too. How soon depends on how fast our distributor works, so you might want to check from time to time.

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