Preview Summer 2013

We thought we’d seize the opportunity today and give you a preview of our coming realeases for the next weeks.

SFBOn Friday we’re going to publish Seduction for Beginners by Jae as a stand-alone short story. “Seduction for Beginners” has first been published in our anthology Connected Hearts. Four Lesbian Romance Stories and is a special treat for those who would love to know how the story of Annie and Drew from Something in the Wine continues.
Walking The Labyrinth 300x200
At the end of June, we’ll be publishing Walking the Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart. A fantastic story that impresses with an equally amazing cover. Walking the Labyrinth is so much more than a romance. This story will grip you from beginning to end.

TMA_kleinAlso in summer, we’ll publish The Morning After by Jae, a short story which was was first published in our anthology Connected Hearts. Four Lesbian Romance Stories. The Morning After is a humorous story about a night of too much alcohol and two women not looking for love.

In fall See Right Trough Me by L.T. Smith will see the light of the day.See Right Through Me- Draft2 This romance, set in England, will have you laugh all through the book. See Right Through Me is great fun and and a wonderful read.

In a few days, we’ll be able to show you the cover for the second edition of Second Nature by Jae. It’s nearly finished and blew us away. The book will be available in summer.

We hope that we were able to spark your interest.

The Ylva team

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