Under The Christmas Tree…

A very happy new year to all our readers.

Before focusing on 2013 we wanted to take a last look back at 2012. Some of our authors shared with us what they found under the Christmas tree.

Jae seems to have some friends who know her well:
In addition to half the inventory of an office supply store (somehow, people seem to have gotten the impression that I have an office supply fetish), I got a few books for Christmas.

Two of them are books on writing, both of them in German. As for fiction, Santa brought me “Snow Falls,” a lesbian romance by Gerri Hill, and a German novel about a Jaepsychotherapist whose newest patient thinks he’s God.

One of my favorite presents were two mugs that will accompany me through the writing process from now on.

RJ Nolan got some nice presents as well:
Santa indulged my love of science fiction books this year with three books from Alan Dean Foster, all part of his Tipping Point trilogy.

RJ_Nolan-XmasA dear friend gifted me with a notebook, made extra special by the quote on the cover by James Thurber: Don’t get it right, just get it written. That’s going to be my motto for 2013.

And Joan, one of our new authors seems to be the one to have around for cooking:
No books here (that thankfully also excludes “Shades of Grey”), but a spice assortment from my sister — we regularly cook together. It’s for a Bouillabaisse, a fish soup from the south of France.

From left to right:spice chilies, rosemary, orange peel, marjoram,
oregano, sea salt, laurel, thyme.

I’ll have to wait until she sends her family on a holiday, though. They’re a very conservative bunch when it comes to food 🙂

And what about publishers? Do they get presents as well? Astrid shared the following with us:

Somehow my friends and family seem to realize that as a publisher I hardly have time anymore to read books for pleasure. So, only two books found their way under the tree. One is a German book that is only available in German. The other one is called “Code Name Verity” and is about a young female spy captured in Nazi-occupied France. I’m really looking forward to May 2013 since I’ll be off and away on vacation in the UK and hopefully will find time to read “Code Name Verity” and some other books I have lined up.

Oh, and my partner presented me with the fourth season of “Damages” (with Glenn Close) on DVD. For this clever series I will make time in the evenings. I love Glenn Close’s portrayal of the anti-heroine laywer Patty. Guilty pleasures and all that….

It seemst that Santa was busy this year. What about you? Did you get anything for Christmas you’d like to share with us?

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