2012 – what a year

When I founded Ylva Publishing in the winter of 2011 and then published the first German e-book in April 2012, I never expected Ylva Publishing to sell more than 7,000 e-books in about nine months. Overall, we published five books, four short stories, and two anthologies so far. For the English market the sale numbers may not be amazing, but you have to realize that the e-book market in Germany is very different from the US market Something in the Wine - Jaeand represents only a very small percentage of overall book sales. Of the eleven published titles three were English ones, and it’s no surprise when I tell you that Jae’s book Something in the Wine sold more copies than all the other titles combined. A big YAY to Jae.

At Ylva Publishing we’re really glad to see that we’re starting to be recognized in the market, with readers as well as with authors. So far we already have seven authors under contract. Working with them is really great, providing work and fun in equal measures. Unfortunately, we had to reject far more manuscripts than we accepted. The main reasons for manuscript rejections can be found in a blog entry, which we wrote because the same mistakes appear in all of those manuscripts.

From the very beginning, we offer not only copy-editing, but our manuscript also undergo a thorough line and content editing. This decision has been welcomed by our authors, some of whom already published with other publishing houses but never worked with an editor. One of our authors even wrote a ramble about the „joy“ of working with one of our editors.

Honestly, we’re very, very happy about the year 2012. And 2013 is just a day away.

We’ve got a lot of plans for 2013. So far, four German e-books and twelve English titles are already in the pipeline. The novel-length books will be published as e-books and paperbacks, as we already did with Something in the Wine by Jae. All future publications will be announced in time on the blog and our website.

We’re really looking forward to another year of working together as the Ylva Team and working with our authors to provide the best possible books for our readers.

May we all have a blessed and amazing year 2013.Wellen

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