What to expect after submitting your manuscript

There are many myths and misconceptions about writing and publishing, including the assumption that a book will be published with minimal changes soon after the author submits it to the publisher.

But that’s not the case, at least not at Ylva Publishing. The authors and editors put in a lot of time and hard work before the public can finally read the finished product.

Following is a description of the publishing process, from manuscript submission to publication.

First, Ylva Publishing’s CEO and acquisition editors decide if the manuscript is worth publishing and if it fits into our publishing concept.

If the manuscript is accepted, a content editor (substantive editor) is assigned to the manuscript. The content editor deals with substantive revisions of the manuscript’s content and points out things such as unrealistic dialogue, point of view errors, flat characters, and implausible plotlines. Content editing is more than just pointing out spelling mistakes; the aim is to realize the book’s full potential.

Based on the content editor’s comments and edits, the author revises the manuscript and returns it to the publisher. The substantive editor then goes over the manuscript again. The author makes more corrections and revisions and returns the clean manuscript to the publisher.

Once the editor is happy with the revised manuscript, it will be sent to the copy editor. The copy editor checks for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. They might also do some minimal rewriting for the sake of clarity and flow, but they don’t do any major revisions of style or content.

Using the copy editor’s comments and edits, the author revises the manuscript and sends it back. The copy editor does a second read-through. The author makes the final corrections and sends the manuscript to the publisher again.

Many small publishers do only copy-editing and forego the more expensive content editing. At Ylva Publishing, we do both content editing and copy-editing. Rather than doing just a superficial check, we want to revise each manuscript to produce high-quality books.

After one last round of proofreading, the manuscript will be ready for e-book conversions, layout, and printing.

The total time required for the editorial process depends on the manuscript (e.g., its length and the amount of editing required) and on the time the author can devote to the editing process. Usually, it takes about six to twelve months from manuscript submission to publication.

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