Something in the Wine by Jae

Something in the Wine, Jae’s first novel-length book with Ylva Publishing and her first traditional lesbian romance, has just been released.

We asked Jae to tell us a little bit about the novel and how she came up with the story idea.

In August 2011, I was busy working on my paranormal romance novel True Nature when I had an idea for a short story. Normally, I avoid writing a story while I’m still working on another, but I couldn’t get that story idea out of my head. So I put True Nature aside and started writing the short story.

Four months later, the short story had become a novel that went through several revisions and finally ended up at 100,000 words (400 pages). Not bad for a short story, I would say.

The story is based on an interesting question: What would happen if two people who couldn’t be more different met on a blind date and both make wrong assumptions. Straight accountant Annie thinks that she’s about to meet her brother’s male friend, while Drew, a lesbian owner of a vineyard, believes that Annie is gay. The rest of the book shows them plotting to take revenge on Annie’s brother, who tricked them into going on the blind date. In the process of taking revenge, they slowly grow closer.

I enjoyed creating two characters who are so different from each other, and I hope my readers will enjoy getting to know Annie and Drew just as much.

All right, I’ll go write a short story for our Valentine’s Day anthology now. Let’s hope it won’t turn into a 400-page novel too.

Something in the Wine is available as an e-book from Amazon and Smashwords and will be released as a paperback in December.

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