Manhattan Moon

Ylva Publishing is happy to announce that Jae has joined our team. Her new book, Manhattan Moon, has just been released.

Jae is the author of award-winning novels such as Backwards to Oregon, Conflict of Interest, and Second Nature.

Manhattan Moon is a novella of almost 30,000 words. It’s a paranormal romance and available as a DRM-free e-book.

Here’s the backcover blurb:

Nothing in Shelby Carson’s life is ordinary. Not only is she an attending psychiatrist in a hectic ER, but she’s also a Wrasa, a shape-shifter who leads a secret existence.
To make things even more complicated, she has feelings for Nyla Rozakis, a human nurse.

Even though the Wrasa forbid relationships with humans, Shelby is determined to pursue Nyla. Things seem pretty hopeless for them, but on Halloween, during a full moon, anything can happen…

Ylva Publishing ( is a small publisher focusing on lesbian fiction and women’s literature. We publish German and English novels and short stories in (DRM-free) e-book and paperback format. We’re accepting manuscript submissions. Check out the submission guidelines for more details.

You can read an excerpt of Manhattan Moon and of our other works on our website:

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