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Welcome to Ylva Publishing’s blog. Ylva Publishing is a small but growing German publisher with the goal of producing quality women’s literature, including lesbian fiction. This is where we’re going to announce new book releases and publish interviews with our authors, writing tips, and much more.

Founded in November 2011 by Astrid Ohletz, we published our first German eBook in April 2012. Since then, we have sold over 1,200 eBooks, which is quite an achievement for a small publishing house in the German market.

Since three of our four authors also write English stories, the next logical step was to expand to the English-speaking market.

Ylva is an old Swedish first name that means “female wolf.” Wolves are intelligent, levelheaded, and observant. Faced with new situations, they are reserved and cautious at first, but ultimately, they’re very curious and they need both their independence and the pack—traits with which authors and publishers can surely identify.

If you’re interested in more information about Ylva Publishing and the idea behind it, you can read an interview with Astrid Ohletz here.

So, if you’re curious, check back for a small surprise soon, when we’ll announce our first English books.

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