The Art of Us (audiobook) by KL Hughes

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Author: KL Hughes

Narrated by Abby Craden


Eighteen-year-old Charlee Parker met the love of her life in a parking lot—a leggy brunette with a valedictorian medal hanging from her rear-view mirror and an attitude as biting as a Boston winter.
Alexandra Woodson was guarded, a nineteen-year-old orphan set on a bright future in hospitality administration. She never imagined an art student with a penchant for cheesy pick-up lines and stealing parking spaces would crack her rigid exterior and claim her heart.
For four years, theirs was an enviable love—evergreen and growing. Unbreakable…
Until it broke.
Alex’s job now brings her back to Boston, after five years working on the opposite side of the country. When, by chance, they meet again, Charlee and Alex are swept up in a whirlwind of heart-rending history, tossed between past and present, and lovers old and new. Will their lingering connection be enough to convince them that some loves are meant to last? Or should the past remain in the past?

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March 2018


9 hrs and 3 mins




Ylva Publishing

1 review for The Art of Us (audiobook) by KL Hughes

  1. misslynne3


    Oh, this beautiful book about star-crossed lovers absolutely slayed me! I was figuratively clutching my chest through 90 percent of it. And in Abby Craden’s capable hands, it was up there with one of the best. In fact, this belongs in an Abby’s Greatest Hits compilation that includes this, Pages for You, Alone, Turbulence, Ask, Tell and Ask Me Again. And I’ve pinpointed exactly why these have affected me so – Abby performs vulnerability and longing like no other. You FEEL every.single.moment. Her skill is nothing short of greatness. This story was a dream for die-hard romantics like me. Charlee and Alex meet in college and have a near perfect life together until circumstances force them apart. That they didn’t part because they no longer loved one another is what makes this so tortuous. As the years pass, they do all they can to move forward without the other. When their life paths bring them back into each other’s orbit, can they leave the past in the past, or will they be able to recapture what they once had? The descriptive language in this book is so deliciously swoon-worthy that I actually ached listening to it. Usually I finish one audiobook and can move on to another relatively swiftly but this one moved me so much that I need a moment to marinate in it. This is a must-buy audiobook, and I also need the paperback to live on my shelves. Loved it.

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