Charity by Paulette Callen


The friendship between Lena Kaiser, a sodbuster’s daughter, and Gustie Roemer, an educated Easterner, is unlikely in any other circumstance but post-frontier Charity, South Dakota. Gustie is considered an outsider, and Lena is too proud to share her problems (which include a hard-drinking husband) with anyone else. On the nearby Sioux reservation, Gustie also finds love and family with two Dakotah women: Dorcas Many Roads, an old medicine woman, and her adopted granddaughter, Jordis, who bears the scars of the white man’s education. When Lena’s husband is arrested for murdering his father and the secrets of Gustie’s past follow her to Charity, Lena, Gustie, and Jordis stand together. As buried horrors are unearthed and present tragedies unfold, they discover the strength and beauty of love and friendship that blossom like wild flowers in the tough prairie soil.


Awarded five out of five stars by Curve Magazine, read the review for Charity by Paulette Callen here.

Callen has a true gift for language and her characters are beautifully drawn without being sentimental. Her writing offers a great balance of in-depth description and crisp, natural dialogue.

I loved this book. It’s a very well written historical novel and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great book in that genre.

One of the rarest things in lesfic is beautiful prose–the kind that has a poetic and lyrical quality to it and its reading alone gives you much pleasure.

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