Paulette Callen on “Adjectives”

Today Paulette Callen, author of the wonderful (note: I didn’t use “amazing” or “awesome”) novels Charity and Fervent Charity talks about her love/hate relationship with adjectives. I have a love/hate relationship with adjectives. The one I hate most is [...]

Tips For Authors: Rules

Paulette Callen, author of the amazing historical novels Charity and Fervent Charity (the later one being a GCLS Finalist) has been visiting us a few times already to talk about tips for writers. Today she shares her take on [...]

Tips for Authors: Plot

Today Paulette Callen, author of Charity and Fervent Charity, talks about the importance of plots: ‘As regards plot I find real life no help at all. Real life seems to have no plots. And as I think a plot [...]

The Thing about Marketing…

Today we start another small series about marketing. This time we asked some authors to let us have their thoughts on the subject. R.G. Emanuelle, JL Merrow and Laurie Salzler dropped us a few lines. Tomorrow Lois Cloarec Hart [...]

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