Show, don’t tell

We mentioned before that we’re going to blog about the reasons why we reject manuscripts. At the start of our series of blog posts, let’s talk about the most common reason for rejecting manuscripts: The author told the story instead [...]

Our first paperback is out!

Publishing e-books is fun. There’s no question. And we love publishing e-books. But then there’s the other kind of books. The one you read under the blanket as a child, the one that has this certain smell always associated [...]

Interview with Jae

After the publication of Manhattan Moon, Jae’s first book published with Ylva Publishing, fellow writer Alison Grey took the time to interview Jae. Alison Grey: First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. [...]

Excerpt from “Manhattan Moon”

Today, we want to introduce you to Jae’s newest lesbian shapeshifter novella, Manhattan Moon, by posting a scene from chapter two. The two main characters–Shelby, a shape-shifter, and Nyla, a human–just had their first date, which didn’t go so [...]

Manhattan Moon

Ylva Publishing is happy to announce that Jae has joined our team. Her new book, Manhattan Moon, has just been released. Jae is the author of award-winning novels such as Backwards to Oregon, Conflict of Interest, and Second Nature. [...]

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