Orhea the dreamer

Orea the Dreamer


Orhea the dreamer resides in East Texas. In her spare time she gardens, raises chickens, and takes pictures of everything under the wide open sun. A self-professed eclectic, she studies the human experience through various outlets, whether it’s jewelry making, painting, writing, or simply observing. She also prides herself on her multicultural background boasting Native American, African American, German, and Scotch/Irish ethnic heritage. She started writing as a child, but started writing lesbian fiction when she expressed her desire to a favored author to see more characters with multicultural backgrounds and was told to write what she wanted to see. Now she dedicates her time to doing just that. Orhea has a love for humanity in all its goodness and some of its awfulness and hopes her work expresses that to each reader.


Books by this Author

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