Flight SQA016 by A.E. Radley

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Book One in The Flight Series

Author: A.E. Radley


Spurred on by overwhelming and ever-increasing debts, Emily White takes a job working in the first-class cabin on the prestigious commuter route from her home of New York to London with Crown Airlines. A gruelling transatlantic schedule means she is in the air nearly as much as she is on the ground and desperately misses her five-year-old son.

On board she meets Olivia Lewis, who is a literal high-flying business executive with a weekly commute, a meticulous schedule, and terrible social skills.

When a personal emergency brings them together, will Emily be able to swallow her pride and accept help from Olivia? And will Olivia be able to prevent herself from saying the wrong thing?

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March 2016


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79,000 words




978-3-95533-448-2 (mobi), 978-3-95533-449-9 (epub), 978-3-95533-450-5 (pdf)


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7 reviews for Flight SQA016 by A.E. Radley

  1. Nicole Zengel

    (verified owner):

    I was absolutely thrilled to be able to sit down and read this. And when I say sit down, I actually read all of it in one sitting yesterday! The writing is amazing, and I love the characters. Simon is one of my personal favorites. And I adore socially awkward Olivia. She is my spirit animal! Moments with her and Henry were so sweet. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud while reading. It is a wonderful read, and I am super excited for the next installment to see what happens with Emily and Olivia.

  2. marcy setter

    (verified owner):

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable story. The characters were well developed and I really liked them all. The complexities of Olivia and how she interacts and sees things was well done. Really there wasn’t a part of this book I didn’t enjoy, except maybe having to wait to see how things work on in the next book.

  3. Simon Gorton


    I loved this book, the interplay between the three main characters was really well written and in many places I laughed out loud as the story developed. I found it difficult to put down and found excuses to put off mundane work to find out what happened.
    Two points should be made. Firstly this is only part 1 and I really don’t want to have to wait until the end of the year for the next part. The other is that there are quite a few typos, especially towards the end of the book. I have not marked it down though as I would not want to put off readers.

  4. Kora Sonata


    This book was AMAZING! I actually couldn’t put it down. Read the entire thing in like a day. Henry is the most adorable character on the planet he’s so cute! His lines always made me smile. It was beautifully written. Can’t wait for the next one.

  5. carminamendez


    Really! do i have to wait until november to know the end??? Gosh you are killing me!! Amazing book, i really love the social skills from Olivia and the relationship between her & Henry.

  6. jane shambler


    O.M.G. I loved this book. Olivia is hilarious… read then you’ll understand why. Who cares about social manners we all should say what we mean. I read this in a day because it was so easy to read. The characters are really likeable, and its funny as well. Radley has an awesome writing style which allows you to get involved with the plot and characters. It is an all round excellent book. Read you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

  7. Carol Hutchinson


    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Was an emotional exciting story with drama, romance, humour, all things I love and that make a fantastic story. Henry is just the cutest little boy and both Emily and Olivia’s attitudes and view towards their developing relationship was in every way perfect. A recommened read for any romantic novel lover, who also likes a little drama!

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